Google Chrome is coming soon with…

Google Chrome currently dominates the personal web browser market. Currently, up to 69.28 percent of users around the world swear by it. However, many users of the Google Chrome web browser agree that it is not the best when it comes to using stored passwords. The user does not have the option to add or save the password for a favorite website.

But as it turns out, that will soon change. Android Police web portal enthusiasts have discovered a very useful option in the latest stable release of the Google Chrome web browser. Namely, they discovered a hidden option (chrome://flags/#add-passwords-in-settings), which allows you to enter passwords manually. In practical terms, this means that the user can enter the password manually without having to actually visit the website.

If the new option becomes available to everyone, there will be no need for dedicated programs to store accessible passwords. When this will actually happen in practice is not yet known. Many experts are convinced that Google could offer a new option before the start of this spring. Of course, those who use different passwords to access different online content will benefit from it.

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