Schneider Electric provided…

  • An integrated package of solutions that support green urbanization, electric mobility and combat the effects of climate change
  • The new approach will create a more modern, sustainable, efficient, resilient and inclusive urban infrastructure – promoting global decarbonization and promoting a better quality of life for all.

Schneider Electric, a leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has introduced the Infrastructure of the Future, an integrated suite of solutions designed to create smart, environmentally efficient infrastructure.

The infrastructure of the future is a powerful integrated approach to powering future businesses and economies, while striving to address the challenges of current global urbanization, and the causes and effects of climate change. Its integrated solutions include data- and operations-driven insight software, business continuity improvement services, electric mobility solutions, green technologies, and energy transition acceleration programs.

The need for green infrastructure

“Resilient infrastructure is a key factor in productivity and economic development. But climate change and rapid urbanization have made it critical for governments, municipalities, owners of public infrastructure, energy grids, and transportation companies to plan well and invest in smarter, greener solutions that support economic growth.” He said Frederic Gudemel, Executive Vice President of Energy Systems and Services at Schneider Electric.

Increasingly frequent extreme weather events around the world and accelerating urbanization are major causes of disruption to electricity, transportation and water supply infrastructure. Disruptions like this cause $300 billion in damages to businesses each year. This only confirms that there is a growing need for resilient, low-carbon infrastructure.

The infrastructure of the future depends on data

Adapted to urban infrastructure, Schneider Electric’s future infrastructure consists of a suite of IoT software solutions that help infrastructure owners achieve sustainable development. The infrastructure of the future consists of:

  • EcoStruxure™ for e-mobility: a comprehensive integrated solution that goes beyond electric vehicle chargers, is easy to install and provides reliable power for buildings and is a practical solution for electric vehicle drivers.
  • ETAP Train Power Simulation – eTraX™: Proven, easy-to-use and flexible software tools for designing, analyzing and managing AC and DC rail infrastructure.
  • AVEVA Unified Operations Center: A central hub for infrastructure operators.
  • EcoStruxure™ Energy and Sustainability Services: Specialized energy and sustainability solutions that help companies control energy consumption, increase efficiency and achieve sustainable goals.
  • EcoStruxure™ Microgrid Advisor: A cloud-based energy management software platform that allows users to automatically collect, predict, and optimize power to different consumers.

In addition, there is the award-winning Schneider medium voltage switchgear, which uses clean air instead of SF for operation.6. They are SM AirSeT™ and RM AirSeT™ MV which represent an environmental and digital alternative to traditional technologies and enable the creation of more sustainable infrastructure projects.

Schneider Electric’s programs and services target the public sector, local government and businesses from various industries. Using them, infrastructure projects will be ecologically oriented and ready for the challenges posed by climate change.

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