iCommunity Labs Launches Public Sale …

Spain’s leading corporate blockchain platform will present its ICOM token at 4YFN from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​a leading tech event in Europe, as it will be part of the official Spanish platform. The sale will open on March 14 on its website icommunity.io/icom/.

iCommunity Labs, the innovative blockchain company for companies such as Estrella Galicia or AENOR, will launch its native token, ICOM, amid high expectations due to the high demand in the pre-sale phase, which sold one million dollars in a few hours.

The rapid growth of iCommunity Labs services and its clients makes the ICOM token a desirable asset, as it is the necessary catalyst to operate all services and products. The link will be to improve and make the business models of all companies and users of the ecosystem more scalable. Favoring decentralization and efficient service flow, ensuring the robustness of the token.

The utility of the token will increase based on the new use cases of the iCommunity platform and its affiliates:

  • Recruitment of services and governance: All transactions and staffing of the services of the platform will be paid using the ICOM token, which facilitates the process and eliminates bank fees for cards or transfers. It will also allow owners to participate in governance decisions (product improvements, use case creation, etc.)
  • Rewards: The use of the platform and its use cases will be rewarded by its offerings and services and those of its affiliates, thus creating a mutually beneficial system where each participant is rewarded for their efforts.
  • Application Directory: All customers, partners, and ecosystem members who connect and transact with iCommunity will be able to use the ICOM token in their projects, promote a shared code, and benefit from benefits, rewards, and ease of use.

“The reception of the token has been amazing, with a large percentage of our customers and the community being booked. Our goal is to be the promoter that breaks fear and encourages testing of blockchain technology in all kinds of businesses and projects.” Miguel Angel Pérez, co-founder and CEO of iCommunity Labs commented.

Offering a public sale for just 20 million tokens, it will be launched at a special price of €0.20 in Phase 1, with a gift of 75 tokens for the first time registered in the whitelist, which verifies the account and participates in its networks.

iCommunity estimates sales at €4.75 million, and the funds raised will be invested in strengthening the R&D division, new use cases and disruptive platform products, and in expanding and promoting its international expansion. About

iCommunity Labs Blockchain as a service technology platform, so that all types of companies can apply blockchain to their projects in a simple, fast and economical way with a monthly subscription. Top 20 projects funded by CDTI (Neotec), with partners such as: AWS Amazon, Telefónica and IBM.



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