No war, except for the state, will be able to censor Bitcoin

As is often the case when everything around us seems to be spiraling out of control, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine forces me to question the way our species lives. Nothing like a war on the horizon to change your mind about certain things; Or rekindle the flame of personal convictions, including the idea that bitcoin can play a crucial role in the way power is distributed and evaded forms of state control.

He said thus, I seem to see in bitcoin, like many, a kind of cyber-christ who comes to save our sinful souls. But the truth is that I am rather interested in the way that Bitcoin inspires those trying to escape entrenched forms of control. And what are these in light of Russia’s attacks on the population of Ukraine?

Banks, central state authority, and the military, for example. Who will be affected by the control of the foreign exchange market announced by the Russian Central Bank yesterday, after the Russian stock exchange fell by 33% and the European Union imposed sanctions on measures to prevent the purchase of sovereign debt by 27 banks? Merchants who import products, small businessmen, and those with little purchasing power.


Let us not forget that among these measures we must count the withholding of funds from Russian billionaires in Great Britain and Germany’s rejection of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as well as possible sanctions that could fall on more than 351 legislators from the countries of the House of Representatives. Duma 3 banks, 27 citizens and entities that finance the separatists.

Is it not possible to speculate? Russia may in the near future take revenge on foreign citizens, Preventing them from free transit and using their money or property?

The worst of it is on the part of the Ukrainians, it seems, who have fled their homes in the main cities over the past few hours, fearing the bombing that began on Thursday.

For them, the outlook is even more frustrating, especially to the extent that international organizations remain idle before and after the country’s central bank banned operations with electronic money. Shouldn’t we wonder how people who want to leave the country can take their savings with them, if they have nothing left to carry in their arms or their cars?

How will Ukrainians, who may have to flee the region if the conflict escalate, hold their savings? Source: diy13 / Adobestock.

Meditation and invention of paths is a form of resistance

It sounds paradoxical, but it is precisely in moments of crisis – out of apparent chaos – when the best ideas come out of the stairs. In other words, a crisis like the one on the other side of the world between Russia and Ukraine should be reason to think, Question and develop strategies to counter the controls of governments or state institutions such as banks.

Here comes the role of Bitcoin. Whatever the situation, Bitcoin cannot be seized or taken over by any authority or government. State forces cannot compel the growing international community to change the rules that underpin this electronic cash payment network that does not rely on a central server or legislation on any side.

This is where bitcoin miners revolt against the system. Regardless of a particular miner’s motivations, the sum of all computers that validate and update transactions is the power of the collaborative work. This force should not succumb to pressure from the army, police and government. As long as the network is connected, people will be able to transfer money without relying on banks, without being subject to selfish legislation.

Concepts such as decentralization, which undoubtedly have to do with an ideology that promotes awareness of the dangers of not confronting those who want to take over everything, play here also. Thinking and devising alternative paths is a form of resistance.

Nobody owns Bitcoin

Nobody owns Bitcoin and cannot change its operation so that it actually embraces the practices of institutional payment systems. Not even a Bitcoin programmer can, because there is not one, not a single person who can claim authority over Bitcoin and nearly every project developed in open source lies within that.

If, one day, someone manages to amass enough computers to censor some transaction or become a superpower, the rest of us I will just have to copy the bitcoin code, which is free to use, And create or resume a new series at the point where you were attacked.

Bitcoin has the ability to isolate, in some way, an entity that intends to use its power to harm someone or try to obtain a short-term benefit through hacking or an attempt to gain control by force.

The war that Russia intends to promote, with the insane arguments used to attack the people of Ukraine, cannot affect the alternatives offered by Bitcoin in terms of security and privacy.

In addition to the fact that Bitcoin is not considered a good asset for a store of value at this point, Bitcoin as a system remains a powerful tool for moving money across dangerous borders.

The ability to move funds safely across borders is a possibility due to the decentralized nature of bitcoin. Source: dechevm / Adobestock

These days some Ukrainians They will be able to anticipate the possibility that banks will restrict transactions and will buy bitcoin, which is something that takes very little time given that buying stocks or physical gold – which would be very difficult to move across borders under police and military escort – can be complicated and not available to anyone. Just.

Beyond the actual benefit of Bitcoin is money that is not regulated by the stateBitcoin is an idea that allows us to confront the authoritarianism of our time with a force that is expressed in the fact that cooperation is necessary to carry out defense

This is the value of Bitcoin to humanity. It allows individuals to have a share of power within the society, which is effective, in a way, beyond any limits.

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