Google was surprised by a new move

Google will abandon the “Easy” mode in Chrome browser on Android devices as ISPs start offering better services.

Google has announced that it will soon remove a feature on Chrome for Android that has been helping people reduce mobile data usage for years. Simple Mode will disappear in Chrome with the release of the M100 at the end of March. Simple mode was originally known as Data Saver when Google first introduced it on Android in 2014.

At the time, many smartphone owners used limited amounts of data transfer, thus risking additional costs if they exceeded their monthly allowance. In some areas, mobile speeds were limited – with easy mode helping pages load faster with compression. In 2015, Google added the ability to completely block images to consume less data.

But Google no longer sees a reason to keep this option. Unlimited data packages are the norm today, and the company claims that Chrome will continue to reduce data usage with default settings.

“In recent years, we’ve seen mobile data costs drop in many countries, and we’ve made a number of improvements to Chrome to further reduce data usage and improve website loading,” the company wrote on its website this week. “While we are phasing out the easy way, we are committed to offering Chrome a fast mobile web experience.”

Chrome for Android will release M100 on March 29th, after which Lite mode will also be discontinued completely.

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