Legion Y90: amazing…

The development of mobile games, whether it is adventure, action or sports, is moving in the direction of improved graphics and more complete experiences. Therefore, if you sometimes like to enjoy mobile games and are looking for a smartphone that will serve you well in this role, then Lenovo is a very interesting example of the Legion family. Since the novelty is practically ready for sale, Lenovo decided to talk about the novelty.

The smartphone will be sold under the Legion Phone Y90 label. The novelty is expected to be based on the material of the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile processor. In addition, it will be equipped with a 6.92-inch AMOLED display and an average refresh rate of 144Hz. There is also 18 GB of system memory and up to 640 GB of storage space. This is actually a combination of a classic solid state drive (128 GB) and flash memory (512 GB).

The Legion Phone Y90 gaming smartphone will be equipped with a 44MP webcam. Up to two fans will be available to cool powerful machine components. Sufficient autonomy for operation will be provided by a battery with a capacity of 5600 mAh. The battery can be charged via USB-C with a 68W fast charger.

Lenovo has not yet revealed what the Legion Phone Y90 gaming smartphone will be on sale. In all likelihood, Lenovo will present it at Lenovo Mobile World Congress. This will be held at the end of February.

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