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The recent high-profile attack on the Slovenian Media House has proven once again that cybercriminals partially or completely paralyze companies and that Slovenian companies are of interest to the attackers as well.

Therefore, it is really important to decide whether to use high-quality advanced antivirus protection or to hire experts who will detect and prevent these types of attacks.

Sophos MTR advanced in the MTR standard

Usually companies around the world and also in Slovenia employ very few computer experts who have the right tools and knowledge for 24/7 continuous monitoring and detection of computer threats on all the machines in the company as well as outside the company. Therefore, attackers may inadvertently enter the corporate system, obtain passwords, scan the system and, when the time is right, carry out an attack and encrypt all important data while deleting backups.

Therefore, Sophos offers all companies the ability to effectively detect and prevent extortion attacks through two services: Sophos MTR Advanced and Sophos MTR Standard.

Sophos MTR (Threat Management and Response) provides companies with the ability to constantly search, detect and respond to computer threats, which Sophos experts perform, on an ongoing basis every day of the year, without exception. If a computer threat is detected, they immediately notify the company and, with the company’s consent, implement targeted measures to neutralize the threat, even the most sophisticated and confidential. After each intervention, companies also receive a forensic report on the location of the intrusion with an accurate graphical representation of the infection path.

The Sophos MTR service is based on the Sophos Intercept X Advanced product with XDR (Extended Detection and Response) and combines expert human analysis with advanced machine learning technologies for fast, automatic threat detection. The quality and excellence of Sophos anti-virus software has also been recognized by Gartner, which has been one of the leading manufacturers (leaders) for more than 10 consecutive years.

Therefore, the combination of the best antivirus protection from Sophos and a great team of security experts is the best possible protection for companies that understand the need for good protection, but are understaffed or unable to achieve continuous monitoring every day of the week.

Sophos MTR is available in two service levels (MTR Standard and MTR Advanced). Both provide a comprehensive suite of security technologies for businesses of all sizes and complexities. Regardless of the MTR service chosen, Sophos MTR provides businesses with the best possible computer security designed just for them.

Sophos ZTNA and Sophos key

Many companies have taken working from home for granted in the past year, but now they face security challenges posed by VPN connections that do not allow for advanced restrictions on rights and access, thus allowing bullying attacks. That’s why Sophos introduced the ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) product, which provides secure connections from home without complete trust and constant checking, and protects their networks from ransomware and other attacks. Sophos ZTNA is unique in that it can be integrated into Sophos Intercept X Advanced antivirus protection and enables synchronous security technology, which ensures that a computer with an active threat is automatically disconnected from the network. Like other centralized products, Sophos ZTNA is managed from a single central console, which greatly facilitates the work of security professionals and operators.

Sophos also introduced a new family of Sophos switches that provide secure and scalable network access, high reliability, and easy control and management via a central console. Sophos switches are ideal for remote and home offices and small and medium businesses and meet the needs of most Slovenian businesses. The 100 Series is available in sizes from 8 to 48 1 GB ports with or without PoE support. In the first half of 2022, Sophos will present the 200 series, which will be equipped with 2.5 GB terminals.

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