BitBase became the first physical exchange…

On February 23, 2022, the Bank of Spain confirmed the registration of BitBase in the Banco de España Registry of Virtual Currency Exchange Service Providers for fiat currencies. It is the first physical cryptocurrency exchange accepted by the National Central Bank.

BitBase, the company with the most cryptocurrency ATMs in Spain and 3rd in EuropeAnd the Just accepted by the Bank of Spain. On February 23, 2022, this startup, which was created at the end of 2017, was registered in the register of the Bank of Spain of virtual currency exchange service providers of fiat currency.

So it becomes The first physical exchange of cryptocurrency with the support of the National Central Bankand becomes part of a semi-exclusive list (consisting of only three companies) of companies dedicated to this sector that have already received bank approval.

This means, as explained by the company’s legal department (which has been working for months to achieve this feat), that “BitBase Complies with the regulations required in Spain in accordance with the provisions of Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing LawAs well as fulfilling the requirements of commercial and professional honor.”

It represents a huge boost to a company that has achieved incredible growth in its four years of life. Motivation to move forward in pursuit of the ambitious goal that its founders, Alex Fernandez and Adria Lorenz, set for themselves right from the start: make the crypto ecosystem accessible to every layperson, whatever their level of knowledge about themselves.

85 ATMs and 30 stores between Spain and Portugal

It all started with a small shop on Fonería Street in Barcelona. that was The first cryptocurrency store in Spain And the place where this (fictional for many) adventure began.

Only five years later, BitBase in one of the most important cryptocurrency companies in Spain. The fact that the Bank of Spain has recognized it is a very important endorsement.

Currently, with the recent opening for the first time outside of Spain (in Lisbon -Portugal-), it has lost (including stores and concessions) 30 physical establishments from Buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Venezuela, Colombia and England

But this does not stop. The purpose is to continue to grow, both in presence and in projects related to the main company.

After leaving Spain to open the first BitBase store in Lisbon, the next step The cryptocurrency purchase will take to the streets of Venezuela, Colombia and England. From the company they are working on and we hope to confirm it soon.

Besides shops and ATMs, BitBase offers all users other services such as cryptocurrency loans, BitShop and of course its own token, BTBSwhich was listed on Bittrex last November 2021.



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