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Due to the widespread use of cloud security, the significant increase in remote work and the expansion of branch offices, the centralized on-premises security model has become impractical.

The cost savings, convenience, and benefits of direct internet access are driving a new decentralized approach to networks. But this change also brings with it risks and a host of security challenges. So organizations need a wider range of protections that not only improve security but also simplify management.

Corporate and network security is facing a major transformation. SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is the future of the cloud security network. It is the common denominator of a group of technologies that are shaping the future of cloud security. It is based on identity security, a no-trust model, simplified management and monitoring, and ensures a consistent security policy across the various services used.

Integrated security in the cloud

Umbrella is a multipurpose cloud security service that is at the core of the Cisco SASE architecture. It combines several solutions (firewall, secure web gateway, DNS security, Security Access Broker (CASB) and threat alerting solutions) into one cloud service to help businesses of all sizes secure their network. Since almost all organizations today have direct access to the Internet, Umbrella makes it easy to extend protection to roaming users and affiliates.

Smarter system, better security

With the help of Cisco Talos, one of the world’s largest commercial threat intelligence groups with over 400 researchers, Umbrella can detect and block a wide range of malicious domains, IP addresses, URLs, and files used in attacks. Machine learning also helped her identify new attacks.

Malware Prevention

Umbrella processes 620 billion orders per day for more than 24,000 companies. It blocks malware requests, extortion, and impersonation before the connection is established, i.e. before threats reach your network or end devices. Secure web gateway equipment logs and scans all web traffic. Cloud firewall helps log and block traffic and ensures consistent application of rules and protocols in your environment.

Improve your response to accidents

Cisco Umbrella simplifies the investigation process and shortens incident response time. With the Umbrella Investigate console and a custom API, you can also access insights for incident triage and response. With Cisco SecureX, you can accelerate threat investigation and remediation by unifying threat reports with other Cisco Security products and enterprise security infrastructure. Automatic responses simplify safety by eliminating manual labor and stopping attacks more effectively.

Different packages for different business needs

Cisco packages are designed to be suitable for organizations of all sizes. From small companies without security experts to large multinational companies with complex environments. Integrating into your system shouldn’t be a problem, but above all, you gain a combination of performance, security, and resilience that inspires your end users.

Umbrella boasts a highly flexible cloud infrastructure that has been running smoothly since 2006. All of its 35+ data centers around the world are available with the same IP address. As a result, your orders are sent to the nearest data center, and the result is the fastest solution for each order, which in addition to maximum speed also means efficiency and customer satisfaction. You can find more about this solution at (PR)

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