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Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles are also very popular among PC gamers one year after they were officially launched. The more powerful version of the Xbox Series X costs about 500 euros, while the weaker version of the Xbox Series S costs about 300 euros. It’s no surprise that the stock of newcomers around the world is still very limited, and the Xbox Series X has been sold out since the start.

Although the Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles can easily play modern games, it is expected that they will become more powerful soon. This is thanks to a completely new technology called VRS 2.0 (Variable Rate Shading) or the second generation of dynamic shading technology. This is expected to improve the performance of both the more powerful and slightly weaker Xbox Series X.

Initial measurements showed that VRS 2.0 technology will indeed improve game quality on Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles. Game performance is expected to improve by between 10% and 15%. This should actually improve the speed of image rendering (more frames per second), and the image rendering quality should remain the same. This in turn means a better experience when playing computer games.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when VRS 2.0 technology will be available for Xbox Series X and Series S. According to experts, this may happen in the first quarter of this year. The novelty, of course, will be available in the form of an update for the console operating system as a whole.

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