Nokia introduced three new and affordable products…

  • After six quarters of growth, HMD Global achieved its first full year of profitability last year[1]
  • Future growth is planned with the launch of the Nokia range of smartphones and the expansion of HMD services

After the recent unveiling of the Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 smartphones this month, HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, has revealed three additional new Nokia smartphones, namely the C-C21, C21 Plus and C2 series.

Nokia Smartphones Record 41% Revenue Growth for Affordable Smartphones from 2020 to 2021[1]. In 2021, HMD Global achieved its first full year of operating profitability.[2]

Anticipating 1 million service package subscriptions in the first half, HMD is also announcing a new service-focused division to continue this period of growth. This will enable the company to achieve better results, attract new talent and provide better support to existing customers through internal streamlining of operations.

Florian Seche, CEO, HMD Global:

“2021 was a year of transformation that led to strong revenue growth across the company, and today we are proud to celebrate a new chapter for HMD Global with the launch of three new affordable Nokia devices. Not only are phones safe, reliable and durable, but they also give people access to affordable to the latest innovative technology.I am pleased to inform you that our suite of services includes a secure solution for financing smartphones and other devices.Thus, we combine two important aspects, a high-quality smartphone experience and a financing solution based on our mission, so that modern mobile technology is within reach everybody.

Combined with the success of Business Services offering nearly one million subscriptions in the first half and providing the exceptional level of service that customers have come to expect from us, we offer an affordable and seamlessly connected experience to people and businesses around the world.”

Nokia – C Series

The three new devices embody the durability and long-lasting battery quality that Nokia phones have been known for for many years. This, combined with the best Android software and security updates, furthers HMD Global’s vision for 2022 and beyond – making Nokia phones last longer while maintaining excellent build quality. Nokia phones have their own Finnish aesthetic, which also works. Thus, the company is cementing the successful C-Series, which was introduced in 2020, and now accounts for 16% of the company’s total smartphone sales in the past five years.

Nokia C21 Plus

The hero of the C series family is the Nokia C21 Plus smartphone. It’s built for durability and rigorously tested for sleek style and strength, while ensuring long battery life, and most importantly – staying affordable. The device has two different battery sizes, 4000 mAh and 5050 mAh[3]which provides up to two or three days of battery life[4]. This of course allows people to stay connected for longer and charge the device at a lower rate.

Built on the basis of a durable metal body with an IP52 rating, which protects the phone from the elements, thanks to the tempered glass that protects the bright 6.5-inch HD+ display, it is also resistant to dirt, dust and water drops and thus ready for life’s hustle and bustle.

The 13MP dual camera with panoramic and portrait modes lets you capture the best parts of life in stunning detail. A clean operating system with minimal preload gives you more space for apps and content. In addition, two years of quarterly security updates[5] And fingerprint and face unlock with artificial intelligence ensure that the Nokia C21 Plus stays secure.

Nokia C21

The Nokia C21 maintains the excellent build quality, safety and all-day battery life promises of the popular C Series. – Nokia C21 ensures easy scanning of QR codes.

Improved memory performance thanks to a multi-core processor ensures efficiency without sacrificing all-day battery life, while AI facing is now supported by a fingerprint sensor for added security and convenience. Regular security updates for two years are also standard for C-Series devices, so people can be sure that the Nokia C21 is working hard in the background to protect their smartphones.

Nokia C2 Second Edition

The Nokia C2 Smartphone Edition 2 has a very robust and reliable Nokia build quality with more connectivity options. This C-Class is built to take the blows of life, with its solid metal interior and superior Nordic workmanship. This phone has also been rigorously tested in order to ensure high standards of durability and a thoughtful and personalized design at an affordable price.

The phone offers more free connections and an ultra-reliable and elegant smartphone experience, and an all-day battery on a single charge[6], allowing hours of talking and days off. The large 5.7 inch screen allows people to live, share and scroll through their favorite content and apps in great definition. So you can capture the best parts of life, day or night, thanks to the front and rear flash. Two years of quarterly security updates[7] It also ensures that the device remains secure. An updated operating system with minimal preload helps transfer more data and free up more space for the content and apps you love.

HMD Projects Department

One million subscriptions are split into three core products (Connect Pro, Enable Pro, and Softlock) that are currently part of HMD Global Services, which consist of IoT connections, EMM licenses, and device lock licenses. The global growth of HMD’s existing global service lines has led to a reorganization that will allow the team to focus on improving existing product lines, innovating, and creating new product offerings for customers.

Jean Letosalo He says, “The IoT offering of our business has already had a strong impact on many industries, including logistics, healthcare and fintech around the world. With the establishment of the new division, we believe we will be better organised, and that we will expand our offering to more industries.” We are better serving our existing customers and introducing new ones to the market. We are thrilled to have achieved over one million subscriptions in the first half of the year, and are proud of our ability to consistently provide unparalleled services, no matter where they are in the world.”

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