Nokia phones banned in…

The news that HMD Global has been banned from selling some Nokia smartphones in Europe has spread like wildfire. It is said that this is quite a few European countries led by Germany. The sales ban is expected to include the latest smartphones from HMD Global, Nokia G21 and Nokia G11.

The US company, VoiceAge EVS LLC, is said to be responsible for the ban. This is a company responsible for audio-related licenses and technologies. According to online rumors, HMD Global has infringed the patented VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology. This is actually a technology that allows calls to be made over the LTE mobile network. As it turned out, HMD Global did not have a single license for this technology, which means that it does not have the right to use it.

The decision on the justification of the ban on the sale of Nokia phones is up to the German court. Although HMD Global is not too concerned, it has already lodged an appeal with the relevant court. This makes the final decision and it will be difficult to sell Nokia smartphones.

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