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Epson, the world’s leading manufacturer of projectors[1] and the market leader in professional display solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa[2], introduced the latest generation of compact, efficient, lightweight and high-brightness 3LCD projectors. Building on the successful EB-L20000U, the PU2200U high brightness 3LCD projector family also includes the world’s smallest and lightest 20,000 lumens projector (EB-PU2220B/EB-PU2120W), which is 64% smaller and 50% smaller. (EBL20000U projector).

The new range of projectors offers significant benefits to users, including significant size and weight reduction, ease of setup and installation, simplified maintenance, and excellent image quality. Designed for use in large halls, live events, concerts and conference rooms, these ultra-light, compact laser projectors provide a dazzling interactive experience.

The new projectors also have significant environmental benefits, including significantly lower power consumption, significantly lower packaging requirements, and lower carbon footprint, as the reduced weight and size of the projector makes storage, transportation and installation easier, saves storage space and reduces operating and delivery costs.

The PU2200 family includes 13,000, 16,000, and 20,000 lumen models, which render the picture in WUXGA resolution with 4K enhancement, HDR, and advanced stabilization features. Compact, lightweight projectors offer a range of extremely useful features for event and event sellers or projectors who rent projectors, as newcomers are compatible with Epson’s existing projector lenses. The projectors integrate easily into existing infrastructure and provide flexibility, reliability, and ease of installation.

All models on offer include functions that allow for easy installation, folding, flexibility and lens control. Built-in computer-aided imaging technology allows two supported monitors to be stacked on top of each other and double the brightness without using external computers. Additional features include NFC for easier installation, allowing communication between the projector and NFC-compatible Android smart devices, even when the projector is turned off.

The new range of projectors has better protection from dust, the optical module and laser light source module are sealed tightly, preventing dust intrusion and allowing for longer durability. The photovoltaic module and the IP5x light source module are certified[3]Epson uses a highly efficient liquid cooling system for increased reliability in projector operation.

“We are excited to introduce our latest generation of ultra-lightweight, compact and high-brightness projectors,” said Massimo Pizzocari, Vice President of Video Projectors Sales and Marketing at Epson, adding: “I am confident that this new 3LCD projector platform will become the industry standard. .Quality and flexibility, in addition to reducing installation time and lower delivery costs, it will also reduce the environmental impact of a large and growing segment of projectors on the market with a brightness of 20,000 lumens.As the world’s leading projector manufacturer, we have listened carefully to our customers and believe that this range The new projectors will meet market needs for more compact, lighter, more reliable and versatile solutions that can deliver high brightness but take up little space.”

[1] 2001-2021, brightness 500 lumens or more, excluding laser TVs, Source: Futuresource Consulting – Projector Market Quarterly View – Global Analyst, Q2 2021

[2] 2020, Lighting 6000 Lumens and More, Source: Futuresource Consulting – Projector Market Quarterly – Global Analyst, Q2 2021

[3] IP5X certified according to IEC 60529. IP5X certification applies to photovoltaic module and light source module.

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