Bad news for users…

When you browse the web on your Android smartphone or tablet, you are most likely using the Google Chrome mobile web browser. In particular, it provides faster web browsing for less powerful devices, as it consumes very little processing power and system memory. In addition, it also has the ability to save data when downloading online content. Unfortunately, the latter option will only be available until March 29 this year.

Google has announced that it will permanently remove the Simple Mode option by setting up the Chrome M100 web browser for Android mobile devices. This is an option that allows users to process data on Google servers. As a result, the website was displayed to the user faster, and at the same time less data was transferred. Of course, those who did not have a rented amount of data transmission over the mobile network were able to appreciate this option.

Google believes the Simple Mode feature is no longer required for Chrome mobile web browsers. More and more users no longer have restrictions on data transmission over the mobile network, or the restrictions are high enough. However, Google has committed to continue improving Internet traffic in order to provide users of Android smartphones and tablets with the most enjoyable experience possible when browsing the World Wide Web.

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