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Synology has introduced a beta version of DiskStation Manager 7.1 that allows administrators to try out advanced features. DSM 7.1 complements the comprehensive platform upgrade Synology introduced with DSM 7.0 and offers a number of innovative improvements designed to address IT challenges.

“DSM 7.1 is an important upgrade to one of the most popular data management platforms in the industry,” said Shamrock Koo, System Product Management Team Leader. “Building on the solid foundations we laid with version 7.0, we can now focus on tackling the more specific challenges our customers come to know as they use the platform on a daily basis.”

Data storage improvements

DSM 7.1 introduces fundamental improvements to storage space management. By introducing file aggregation portals, it adds SMB DFS capability, which allows administrators to connect multiple Synology systems, giving them easier access to files for end users who no longer need to remember separate addresses.

The new user interface in version 7.0 has been further improved by combining background tasks into an admin-friendly overview, which provides greater transparency of events in the system, including in different user accounts. For Synology High Availability groups, users can view and manage drives on both systems from a single Storage Manager control panel for easier maintenance and management.

In terms of performance, DSM has long introduced support for flash caching, which is very cost-effective to increase random I/O capacity. The new version will improve the SSD cache with the ability to simultaneously accelerate storage space across multiple devices.

Protect the entire system

DSM 7.1 offers the ability to backup the entire system (bare metal). The ability to clone and replicate the entire system, provided by Synology Active Backup for Business, greatly improves the results of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) if the entire website fails. The ability to fully restore the system also provides a quick and convenient way to set up evenly configured systems.

Ecosystem improvements

In conjunction with the DSM 7.1 presentation, Synology also introduces several major improvements to applications and services.

  • Business Active Backup: Bandwidth control, enhanced monitoring and reporting capabilities, and support for DSM backups.
  • Active Insight: Centralized monitoring of applications and the working status of a Hyper Backup solution.
  • Synology C2 Hybrid Share: Server-side snapshots for better file protection.
  • Directory Server: Support for (read-only) domain controllers that improve the security and resiliency of the installation.
  • Synology Drive: A revamped mobile user experience and improved monitoring and review capabilities.
  • MailPlus: Virtual DSM support, improved management capabilities, and import and migration improvements.
  • Virtual Machine Manager: I/O storage and QoS performance improvements.

“Our DSM platform is constantly evolving. We are adding new capabilities to both new and existing releases,” said Willie Lu, Product Manager at DSM. “The software prior to the official release gives us the opportunity to work closely with our customers. In exchange for early access to new features, we get valuable feedback from users.”


The DSM 7.1 Beta and other upgraded apps and services are available as part of the Synology program prior to the official launch. Interested users are welcome to install and test beta versions of the software on virtual or non-production systems.

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