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Today, Lenovo excitedly revealed the all-new ThinkPad X13s, a computer developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Microsoft. It is the world’s first laptop to be powered by Snapdragon platform and Windows 11 Pro.

The ultra-thin, lightweight, fanless notebook delivers the next level of a quiet, always-connected user experience, and delivers an impressive multi-day battery life of up to 28 hours. The user experience is enriched with artificial intelligence technologies, connectivity to 5G mobile networks, including mmWave, and application support via Microsoft App Assure for seamless productivity, security and collaboration.

The ThinkPad X13s is designed to use as little power as possible: it’s made from 90% certified recycled magnesium used for the display case and cover, 97% recycled PCC plastic in the printed circuit board (PCB) and battery case, and packed in cartons. recycled The printed circuit board is made using Lenovo’s low-temperature soldering method, which can reduce carbon emissions by up to 35%, and less frequent connection of the notebook to the charger also helps save energy. The ThinkPad X13s features a low-power 13.3-inch 16:10 aspect ratio display that provides touch sensitivity and Eyesafe┬« technology for low blue light content, relaxing the user’s eye.

Pampers users

Mixed employees, global travelers, field technicians and customer-facing employees will enjoy the lightweight laptop, which weighs just 1.06kg and eliminates daily concerns about battery performance and connectivity issues when moving between job sites. Wi-Fi 6E provides more stable wireless connectivity and fast speeds when a wireless network isn’t available or the public access point isn’t secure enough, and the device can switch to 5G mmWave or sub6 Wireless WAN for a very fast and secure connection on the go.

Technological innovation must be impeccable, it is necessary to take into account the user experience and the desire for a more intelligent and productive collaborative experience. The ThinkPad X13s combines a 5-megapixel camera keyboard connectivity toolbar with an artificial intelligence frame and provides the ability to install an infrared (IR) camera. Built-in 3-way microphones feature smart noise-cancelling technology during conference calls. Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 is a mobile processor that delivers impressive improvements in user experience, from smarter human presence for a more convenient user experience (computer vision) to greater security, privacy and energy savings by automatically turning off or dimming the screen when the user looks at a page.

The Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 platform delivers exceptional battery performance and takes pride in the performance you’d expect from a high-end business laptop. The world’s first 5nm platform for Windows PCs is Qualcomm Technologies’ most powerful and efficient platform. It is designed for use in really high-end laptop PCs and offers an increase in system capacity of up to 57%. It multitasks up to 85% faster, ensuring smooth and responsive laptop operation. Staying always connected to the Internet is possible with seamless switching between wireless Wi-Fi and ultra-fast 5G mmWave, 5G sub6 or 4G LTE mobile networks. The audio and camera capabilities, powered by artificial intelligence, create great video conferencing to help users stay productive and engaged.

Pampers IT employees

Hybrid jobs will stay with us. The ThinkPad X13s has end-user entertainment tools, but IT departments need to make sure their hardware meets the rigorous requirements of a distracting business environment. Lenovo Services can help you transition to a modern, improved IT environment by planning, configuring, deploying, managing, supporting, and writing off assets.

Lenovo, Qualcomm Technologies, and Microsoft are constantly working with leading independent software vendors (ISVs) through Microsoft App Assure for Windows on Arm to support native compatibility and business-optimized apps like Microsoft 365, Zoom, Sophos, and many more, which are critical to productivity, collaboration, and security Hardware and data, reliable network access, and the need to emulate many enterprise environments by default. Enhanced x64 emulation in Windows 11 provides a better experience for legacy applications and allows developers to incrementally port applications to native operation using the ARM64EC binary interface (ABI).

In addition, the ThinkPad X13s features advanced protection against hardware and software threats with the comprehensive ThinkShield security platform, and the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor combines multi-layer secure boot with Microsoft Pluto’s secure data processing architecture and cloud user identity protection. Applications on PCs running Windows 11 that meet the Secured-core PC standard.

Forward to a brighter and more sustainable future

In addition to recycled materials and efficient manufacturing processes, Lenovo also offers recyclable packaging that reduces the impact of packaging waste. It enables companies to contribute to specific environmental projects through the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service, with the company’s customers already replacing more than 500,000 tons of CO2 when purchasing ThinkPC computers (desktops, workstations, and laptops). This is equal to the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by more than 100,000 passenger cars in one year.

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