There will be new Tesla cars…

Selling electric cars is going great for Tesla. In the last quarter of 2021 alone, the company managed to sell 308,600 vehicles, which is more than 241,300 deliveries in the third quarter. Of these, 11,750 were Models S and X deliveries, and 296,850 were Models 3 and Y. Models 3 and Y also made up the majority of deliveries over the course of the year, with 936,172 deliveries compared to 24,964 models. S and X.

It looks like Tesla cars will sell better in the future. Their Model S and Model X cars will be equipped with hardware that will allow them to play even the latest computer games. The new multimedia system will be based on the AMD Navi 23 graphics card and will be equipped with up to 16 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory.

Tesla’s new car multimedia system will be just a shade less powerful than the PlayStation 5, which will use 32 processor units (the PlayStation 5 uses 36) and the graphics card will be 2.44GHz. Since the throughput of the data bus will be 244 Gbps, the total capacity of the system will be about 10 teraflops.

More about Tesla’s intention to run console games in their electric cars will soon be known. Undoubtedly, this will delight many fans of the game, especially young people. Therefore, car sales are expected to increase as a result.

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