What will the new Intel bring to us …

Visitors to CES 2022 were pleasantly surprised by the presentation of the Alder Lake-H family of processors. This is the 12th generation of Intel H family processors, which will be intended for both desktop and laptop computers. The main advantage of Alder Lake-H Intel processors is the support for DDR5 system memory. However, when fully loaded, it consumes only 45 watts of power.

Recently, Intel announced the Alder Lake-P and Alder Lake-U processors for laptops. It consumes up to 20 watts (Alder Lake-P) and up to 15 watts (Alder Lake-U) when fully loaded. The new processors, of course, are fully compatible with DDR5 system memory and the PCI-E 5.0 data bus. However, soon Intel is expected to develop another family of processors for laptops, the Alder Lake-HX.

Intel Alder Lake-HX mobile processors will be designed for the most powerful laptops. Namely, they will have up to 16 processors available for data conversion, in a combination of 8 high-performance cores and 8 energy-efficient E-cores. The most powerful models of the new Alder Lake-HX family of mobile processors for laptops are likely to be equipped with Core i9-12980HX and 12990HX. It is expected that Intel will reveal more information about the new processors before the end of March of this year.

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