Apple will soon come with a foldable device …

Flexible or foldable smartphones have aroused great interest among mobile phone users. But the problem is that it is still too expensive for many. In addition, it is also very fragile for everyday use, as damage occurs during normal use, which can also mean significant repair costs for the user.

Fortunately, this year is expected to turn out for the better. In the first half of this year, the leading smartphone manufacturers will prepare a number of products for users that will be of better quality and cheaper compared to the current models. At Apple, they are even considering the possibility of offering a personal computer with a foldable screen.

Apple’s new computer is supposed to be a kind of hybrid between an iPad tablet and a MacBook laptop. The new device is supposed to have a foldable screen of 20 inches or 50.8 cm. According to unofficial information, the novelty should have a dual screen without a physical keyboard and touchpad.

With the new Apple device, navigation and typing will be done directly on the touch screen. This will be the same philosophy that Lenovo introduced some time ago with the ThinkPad X1 Fold computer. Unfortunately, Apple will not be putting the new product on sale soon. It is not expected to be freely available until around 2026.

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