The new iPhone 14 Pro with …

In September last year, four new models of Apple iPhone 13 smartphones were put on the market. In the first three weeks, they broke the already impressive record in iPhone 12 sales. The most popular models are of course the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. These devices have a brighter screen, an improved camera system, and the most powerful A15 Bionic processor.

Although the iPhone 13 smartphone is still selling well, Apple engineers are already preparing for a successor. Here, of course, we are talking about the iPhone 14 smartphone. In addition to the more powerful hardware components, it will also bring an important novelty to the display. The iPhone 14 Pro will have two holes at the top of the screen instead of the classic one. These are supposed to be relatively large compared to competing solutions.

Despite the changed appearance, the new iPhone 14 Pro will offer all the features of the current iPhone phones. This, of course, includes recognizing the user’s face to log into the smartphone. At Apple, of course, the rumors were neither confirmed nor denied. However, experts are convinced that we can expect changes soon, since iPhone smartphones have not undergone drastic changes for a long time.

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