Who can do more damage? soldier …

A soldier armed with a pirate pistol has programming languages. Who is the most dangerous? An ordinary soldier poses only a physical threat, while a hacker can affect both the digital and physical spheres.

Unlike previous world wars, the Cold War and small conflicts, the current ones (including the Russo-Ukrainian war) are also taking place in the digital world. Why is this so important and why could the consequences of a cyber war be disastrous for the entire world?

Imagine the following scenario. You want to visit YouTube, but you are getting a connection error. I wondered if you wanted to visit Reddit or search Google for the error. Reddit and Google don’t work either.

You are exploring more. Bank? does not work. Online distributors? inaccessible. government websites? A message appears stating that they are experiencing technical problems. You get a feeling that something out of the ordinary is happening. You hold the phone in your hands and want to call your parents or friends. The line is silent, the call is impossible to transfer. Soon, electricity and heating were cut off. You don’t know if the interruption will last a few minutes, several hours, or even several days. It can be said that one of the phenomena was a coincidence, and behind the set of such events there is almost always something insidious, in this case the beginning of electronic warfare.

Something similar happens every day, but in most cases the consequences do not appear in the physical world. This can be credited to ethical hackers, IT security experts and specialized companies — such as Slovenian company OptiCyber3 — that battle cyber unpreparedness.

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