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How do you take care of your health? Healthy diet, regular exercise, preventative visits to doctors? Great keep going. But how do you monitor your health? Although there are no symptoms of the disease, changes can occur within your body that slowly affect your health. How can you be sure. There are quite a few tools that should fall under the mandatory healthcare equipment in every home. An oximeter, a thermometer, a blood pressure monitor… We can go on, but these are the basic devices you can use to make sure there is a problem with your body. Even better, we’ve found all three devices for you in one place at an affordable price. where? here. price? 20.58 euros.

Wrist blood pressure monitor

The kit includes a wrist sphygmomanometer, which automatically measures the current blood pressure value at the touch of a button. It is lightweight, which means that it is also portable. Simply place it on your wrist wherever you are, and the blood pressure monitor will take care of everything else.

Supports two user modes, each mode can store up to 99 groups of measured data. After each measurement, the test result is automatically saved in the device. The built-in overpressure protection function automatically releases air when its value reaches 295 millionHg. The blood pressure monitor is powered by two AA batteries (not included) and turns off automatically after a minute of inactivity.

non-contact thermometer

As the name suggests, it is a portable digital infrared thermometer for measuring body temperature. Avoid touching the skin. It is also suitable for measuring the temperature of the smallest family members, since the measurement is carried out without contact, which means that the risk of transmission is less.

Pressing the button starts the measurement, which ends in just one second. The measurement can be done indoors or outdoors. Measurement results are clearly displayed on the large LCD screen regardless of lighting conditions. However, you can adjust the intensity of the temperature alarm yourself.

You can store up to 32 sets of recorded readings to better track changes in body temperature. It is suitable for children as well as adults. There is also an automatic shutdown function built in. If desired, you can also measure the temperature of the room or object with a non-contact thermometer.

finger oximeter

The pulse oximeter mainly measures the oxygen saturation in the blood and heart rate. It is convenient to monitor the health of all family members. It is very easy to use. Turn on the pulse oximeter, place your finger into the silicone opening of the pulse oximeter. Then release the clip and push the button and the oximeter will start to measure. The pulse oximeter will automatically go into standby mode after 8 seconds of inactivity.

The oximeter uses advanced detection technology and displays results after 5 seconds. The oximeter has low power consumption, mainly thanks to the economical OLED display. At the same time, the design of the oximeter itself is convenient and compact.

You can get the 3-in-1 sanitary ware set at this link. A TomTop agent offers you free mail service as an additional meter, thermometer and blood pressure monitor.


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