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We have decided to bring you 5 new mobile apps and games every week, with which we will make sure that you are as up-to-date as possible in the field of Android software development. This time we chose three games and two apps.

darkest moment

Price: $0.99

My Darkest Moment is an adventure game with a narrative style. The mechanics are not complicated, although there is no real manual in the game, so you have to decipher them yourself. For the most part, it feels like you’re playing a mini-game that turns into a story. The story is very subjective. It deals with feelings of depression, so it may be more exciting for some people than others. In addition, the game is very short. It only costs $0.99, so it might be worth a try.

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Fry is a first responder application. It is helpful to deal with mental trauma when someone first appears at the scene of an accident where something serious happened. The app includes breathing, relaxation techniques, and positive affirmation techniques, and you can also attend live streaming sessions.

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Cat Island Secret


The Secret of Cat Island is a simulation game similar to FarmVille. Players start the game by shoveling them away on a remote island after a sudden flood of water. From there they began to rebuild their lives. They can grow crops, renovate old buildings, arrange the surrounding landscape and make it at home. By advancing, repairing old bridges, and cleaning up the space, they can reach the island. The progression of the game goes very smoothly, although we expect it to slow down with longer gameplay.

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DeepL translation


DeepL Translate screenshot 2022

DeepL Translate is a new competitor to Google and Microsoft Translator. It has a minimal user interface, so it shouldn’t be difficult to use. Translates quickly and freely between 26 languages. A list of all supported languages ​​is available on Google Play. The app also features fast language detection, fast translations, and other features. It costs nothing and contains no ads. It was also a popular browser extension long before it became an Android app.

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Final Fantasy VI Remastered

Price: $17.99

Final Fantasy VI Remaster is the latest Final Fantasy game released as part of Square Enix’s Pixel Remaster initiative. Compared to the previous mobile version, Final Fantasy VI has updated graphics, changed background music, and improved touch control. Otherwise, it is a faithful clone of the original game. All elements of the story are the same, as are the characters, movements, locations, and everything else.

The only disappointment is the lack of gamepad support at the time of writing. This seems to be an ongoing criticism among Pixel Remasters, so we hope Square Enix adds this to everyone sooner or later. Price $17.99. If this is too much for you, we advise you to wait for the sale and then make a decision to buy.

If we missed any important news, updates or releases for Android apps or games, please contact us in the comments.

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