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Global technology giant Huawei introduced Super Device for office environments, a new solution that greatly improves communication and collaboration between supported Huawei devices.

The software-based feature is part of the campaign for a flawless life powered by artificial intelligence, focusing on five cross-cutting areas – health and fitness, travel ease, smart office, entertainment and smart home.

As one of the key points in these areas, Huawei has a boundless vision of creativity and flawless communication. The goal of the smart office is to enable an efficient digital work experience through the synergy of Huawei’s key capabilities: cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration. Device collaboration allows users to connect multiple devices with a unique experience, while ecosystem integration bridges the gap between Windows and mobile platforms, boosting creativity, and improving communication efficiency.

Huawei Smart Desk: Everything at your fingertips

Today, users own more and more smart devices, so they often find themselves in situations where they have to move from one device to another and deal with different ecosystems. As few devices meet all of a user’s everyday needs, the ability to collaborate between devices to create a unified user experience is more important than ever. In addition, there are increasing demands for increased productivity when working on the road.

Collaboration between devices makes the communication between them smooth and eliminates all issues. Huawei has been pioneering innovative technologies in this field for years, introducing in 2018 the OneHop feature to transfer files from smartphone to PC with one touch. In 2020, it introduced the Multi-Screen Collaboration solution, which allows collaboration between two devices, such as laptop, tablet, laptop, smartphone, tablet and smartphone. This allowed files to be transferred between devices on principle Drag and drop, as well as open files directly from the phone’s memory or tablet on the laptop. The current barriers to using a variety of devices have now been removed by the concept of hardware connectivity, first introduced last year, because it allows all supported devices to work as one.

Connect devices: keep them all as one

The new feature is already available in the Huawei laptop control center via the Super Device interface[1] It provides quick access to photos and files on a connected smartphone or a quick connection, convenient to smart displays for presentations.

The user begins pairing the devices by simply clicking on the Control Center icon in the lower right corner of the Windows screen and then literally dragging the nearby device icons towards the Computer icon. The unique capabilities of the connected devices can then be modified and accessed by everyone in the group, allowing them to take full advantage of the benefits available. Device Connect turns your laptop into an exceptional productivity tool by creating a unique and complete digital experience that enables a focused and efficient workflow on a variety of devices.

With pairing popup[2] The Huawei laptop quickly and easily connects to Huawei speakers, speakers, mouse and Bluetooth keyboard, as well as printers, enhancing the overall smart office experience.

Working with Huawei smartphones: maximum multitasking

A smartphone connected to a laptop computer acts as an external drive. This allows users to access files in memory, just as any other external storage device would be connected to the computer.

When using the Connect to Devices feature, the smartphone interface will be displayed on the laptop screen. The multi-screen collaboration feature will allow up to three mobile apps to run simultaneously to improve multitasking performance. The user also has easy access to the content stored on his phone according to the principle Drag and drop. You can open or modify files using the programs on your laptop, while the changes will be automatically saved to the phone’s memory. This makes it easy to share files across all the devices you own.

Collaboration with Huawei MatePad tablets: a new level of creativity

Like a smartphone, the tablet is recognized as an external laptop drive when connected, allowing easy access and file sharing. Another useful feature for multi-screen collaboration is the different viewing modes to increase productivity and improve the user experience: mirroring, expanding, and collaborating.

In mirror mode, the screen of the connected laptop is transferred or copied to the tablet, allowing, for example, direct signature and marking of documents or drawing with a stylus, as professional users do on an additional graphics tablet. Extend mode turns your tablet into a second laptop screen, making the full screen space for viewing content ideal for checking reference documents and browsing the web. Meanwhile, the innovative method of Collaborate enables real interaction between two different platforms. It allows you to easily transfer content such as texts, images or documents between devices connected via the system Drag and drop.

Working with Huawei MateView displays: Unparalleled productivity

It is also possible to connect a Huawei laptop to a MateView display and take advantage of its larger and higher quality screen. It supports 4K resolution and P3 color gamut, allowing for a professional level of creativity.

This is only the beginning

Connecting devices gives the user the next level of technological expertise, productivity, and enjoyment, and is part of Huawei’s commitment to a seamless AI-powered life. To access the mentioned functions, the user must upgrade the PC Manager installed on the laptop to the latest version.[3]. In the future, you can also expect more Huawei devices to get hardware connectivity functionality.

connected ecosystem

The ecosystem of Huawei devices is expanding day by day. The latest Huawei P50 Pocket and Huawei P50 Pro smartphones, which join a wide range of other Huawei devices, including mid-range Huawei Nova 9 and Huawei Nova 8i, Watch GT 3 smartwatches, MateView and MateView GT displays, FreeBuds wireless headphones Beautiful lipstick headphones.

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[1] The feature is only supported by some Huawei smartphones, monitors, tablets and laptops running PC Manager version 12.0.1 or later.

[2] This feature is only supported by some headsets and some Huawei laptops with PC Manager version 11.1.6 or later. The first phones to support this feature are Huawei FreeBuds 4 and FreeBuds Pro. It will be available on many models in the future.

[3] PC Manager must be upgraded to version 12.0.1 or later. The first laptop to support this feature is the Huawei MateBook X Pro (2022). Performance may vary depending on usage and application software.

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