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Photography has become a part of our lives at every turn, thanks to the smartphones that have become our brushes. The new Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket phones excel in this area.

Cave drawings and hieroglyphs already show that people have always loved to express themselves with a photo, and photography only continues this “tradition”. Today we can perceive it as part of contemporary art. One picture says more than a thousand words and can carry a profound message. As with any art form, photography is inspiring. But she calms down. Above all, it expresses feelings and ideas, reflects the time in which it was created, shows culture and shows where we come from. Photography captures the moment in time and keeps it forever.

The story of colors and patterns

Under this red thread, Huawei, in collaboration with contemporary artists at Temple of Art, National Gallery, has prepared a very special gallery of photographs taken with the Huawei P50 Pro. Submit their work Jeddah Sitar with a photographer Nino BrickAmbassador of the city of Ljubljana and a famous architect Gregor PavlinAward winning photographer Jaka Ivancicfashion editor and journalist Lorella FligoPhotography specialist Tibor Golub And a Croatian photographer Mario Boge at Goran Jovic.

All lenses captured inspiring moments that express not only the beauty of the world around us, but also the performance of the Huawei P50 Pro in the field of photography. All images shown were taken with the phone’s camera and then placed on a large screen.

“I am extremely proud to be able to present the wonderful work of some of the biggest names in photography created with the Huawei P50 Pro. Every photo holds its own story, and it was the phone that carried its message forward in all its colour, sharpness and power,” He said at the opening of the exhibition Norman MullerDirector of Business Development and Marketing for Slovenia and Croatia.

Matjay CarmeljThe director of the Huawei branch in Slovenia added: “The Huawei P series of phones has always been known for its unparalleled achievements in the field of photography, and combining years of experience and hard work, the P50 Pro has set a new benchmark today. As everyone can see for themselves, the images displayed express exceptional colorful motifs and patterns Amazing and unforgettable moments.”

In the footsteps of the ancestors

Huawei is committed to advancing the latest camera technology and image quality throughout the P series, and the P50 Pro traces the origins of photography. It is the first system to have a dual array camera system that includes a color (RGB) lens, a monochromatic lens and a multispectral light sensor.

Thanks to True-Chroma Shot, XD Fusion Pro with new Super Color filter, True-Chroma Image Engine and Super HDR, and the P50 Pro, P50 Pro photos are always colorful and full of detail even in low light conditions and the best possible reproduction of what a human sees around.

The new phone is equipped with a periscope lens with 3.5x optical zoom or 100x magnification, while the ultra-wide lens is equipped with stabilization technology, for easy capture of small or very distant objects with high accuracy. The P50 Pro also supports Huawei XD optics, which eliminates optical errors and restores detail in photos.

About the authors of the exhibition

Jeddah Sitar She has won the media as a Miss Sports, and over the years has proven herself as one of the most read Slovenian bloggers and influencers. Her Instagram posts, where she has over 50,000 followers, express mischief and subtle aesthetics in one, and that too is captured in Pastels.

Gregor Pavlin He is a famous architect who impresses a wider audience again and again on his Instagram profile, sharing travel shots and, above all, capturing amazing views of the city. Photos of Kranjska gora, Novo mesto and Piran relate to the visit.

Jaka Ivancic He is an internationally acclaimed landscape photographer. His photos appear in many catalogs, posters and other publications, and he has repeatedly been ranked among the golden picks of Slovenian photographers on Instagram. Capture two colorful morning moments on Komna in this exceptional P50 Pro lens.

Lorella Fligo He is a famous fashion journalist, editor, TV show director and creator of the Blešica fashion show. She loves being a woman, she is genuinely drawn to beautiful things, moments, and spaces. The gallery presents an exceptional composition of patterns captured while walking through the inspiring city of Milan.

Tibor Golub A self-taught photographer, he has an incredible sense of composition and aesthetics, which has made him the top of the Slovenian fashion photography world, and has also captured many foreign stars in the lens. The camera is his everyday gadget, this time with three parts that emit an explosion of color that only the P50 Pro can capture.

One of the photographers who discovered the outstanding features of the P50 Pro mobile phone is Mario Boge Former Software Developer Photography has quickly grown from a hobby into another activity and has become a huge passion. Mario likes to tell a story in detail, whether it’s people, cars, nature or animals in front of the lens.

Although he is a physical education professor by profession, he is Goran Jovic According to his own description, he is a traveler and photographer who has been photographed on all seven continents. He is a fan of street and portrait photography and believes that one photo can tell the whole story and express the personality of the person being photographed.

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