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We need a document shredder in every office. Papers with sensitive personal data of employees or company data are not something you might want to fall into the wrong hands.

How many times have you found yourself holding a piece of paper and not knowing how to destroy it. Although, on the one hand, you may find that delicate paper ends its journey by simply tossing it in the trash, we fear that this is not necessarily the case. Nothing is easier than taking a stack of papers from a paper box in front of the company and thus obtaining information that the company does not want to share with strangers. If these papers are cut into small pieces, they are safe from potential misuse.

IDEAL – a trustworthy document destroyer

From desktops to data destruction on a larger scale – the perfect document shredders have proven themselves over the years as data protection superheroes. It features amazing performance, safety and reliability. The “Made in Germany” label reinforces the feeling that users are on the safe side.

IDEAL confirms the promise of the quality of its products through actions, and from the beginning of 2021 it not only offers a two-year warranty on certain products, but offers up to five years. Thanks to the extended warranty, customers will not have to worry about potential repair costs for a long time. An additional three-year additional warranty beyond the legally required two-year warranty period is evidence that the company trusts its technology.

So if your document shredder, which is guaranteed by IDEAL with a five-year warranty, breaks down, IDEAL will repair it for you and, of course, will cover all repair costs or replace the product with a new one. All you have to do is prepare the defective device for assembly. You should also keep the original invoice, but you can also ask for a special warranty card.

All materials come from the immediate vicinity of the company headquarters in Balingen

When it comes to data protection, you’re safe with the IDEAL document shredder. However, carefree warranty is another reason why customers should trust them. The company has been known for leaving nothing to chance – for over 70 years. The products are developed exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Balingen. They can boast that they have ordered up to 90% of the materials they use from local suppliers in the area. This medium-sized family business reports at the same time that none of its machines come more than 250 kilometers from the company’s headquarters, which is an impressive figure at present, especially in light of the fact that companies are moving production to countries with lower prices. wages and associated costs. They are not interested in that at IDEAL.

You can find more about IDEAL document destroyers at, where they will also advise you on what best suits your needs.

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