Are we looking forward to a smaller Mac mini?

There was a lot of enthusiasm among computer enthusiasts when the first Apple M1 processor was introduced. The new product achieved three times higher performance in synthetic tests than the quad-core Intel processor, which was built in the previous generation of Apple computers. The integrated graphics solution has also undergone significant performance improvements. This generation is expected to offer up to six times the capacity of the previous generation.

If the online rumors are to be believed, we will soon see a more powerful Apple processor in the Mac Mini PC. This will be the M1X processor, which will perform better than the standard M1 processor at the cost of more processor cores and a better graphics core. Namely, it is supposed to use 10 ARM processor cores for data conversion. A total of 16 or 32 cores are expected to handle graphic content. This will be enough even for the most demanding graphic tasks.

The user with the nickname Snazzy Labs is confident that the new Mac mini will be more compact than its predecessor. His Mac mini is 78 percent smaller than the current model. Therefore, enthusiasts are convinced that Apple can make a smaller Mac mini computer on its own. Whether this will actually happen is not yet known.

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