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Elite method in which you can double physical gold and silver without the need for additional inputs.

The price of gold and the price of silver are rising sharply Because of the economic and financial crisis and the crisis of war now.

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• How you can take advantage of all the tax benefits and not pay no taxes?

The elite’s path to the rich Multiplication of gold and silverWhich ordinary people of course do not know?

• Why buying gold or silver in-store or online is a reality lovable?

• Is Bitcoin Really New, Digital Gold?

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This project was created due to Crisis Crown. Now, however, the world is sliding from one crisis to the next.

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“Gold and Silver Price Crisis”

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The price of gold and silver rises sharply in crises. This was also the case in the last financial crisis (2008-2012). While stock and real estate prices fell during the Great Depression by an average of -50%. Anyone who owned gold and silver at the time could sell the extra profits and buy shares or real estate cheaply.

The purchasing power of fiat currencies such as the euro, dollar and all other currencies is constantly declining. The main reason for this is that they are made from scratch. They have no basis. Thus, since its introduction in 1999, the euro has lost 85% of purchasing power against gold. The price of gold and the price of silver are growing on average and they maintain the purchasing power of savings. The average annual growth in gold prices over the past 15 years has been 9%. The average growth of the silver price is 11%. A few years less, some years more. It must be borne in mind that with the right knowledge you will not need to pay any taxes. Not with silver either. Most people don’t realize this.

Gold or silver?

Most people face the dilemma of buying gold and silver? Usually, most of them choose gold because it is more popular, more exclusive, and much more expensive, so for a lot of money you get a relatively small slab that is easy to put in a safe or hidden. Most people also think that gold is much less than silver. The truth is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Herein lies the key to a tremendous opportunity.

In fact, there is very little gold. In the past eight thousand years, all of humanity has mined about 197 thousand tons of gold around the world. It seems like a lot. But when we learned that about 3,000,000,000 tons of iron (3 billion tons) had been mined, suddenly the number became very small. In fact, all the gold from around the world can be put into one cube with an edge of 21 metres. Then one bigger house. This is all the gold in the world. And because it is so rare and valuable, people carefully protect it. In 5,000 years, only 5% has been lost. It is also possible that the gold used in the earring or bracelet was mined as early as the Roman era and is now only forged.

So gold is very rare and will be even rarer. USGS It is estimated that in known mines, using current technology, known gold was only available about 14-15 years ago. What will happen to the price of this most famous precious metal in a couple of years, when awareness of it will pass to the masses? We can only imagine this because it will happen for the first time in history.

Anyone thinking about their financial future needs to know the benefits of gold and silver. Whether for tomorrow, next year or for retirement! But not in the way most people imagine. So you pay a lot more than you can afford. At the same time, you cannot reap all the strategic benefits.

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Silver and gold for ordinary people

The price of silver can explode in crises. Silver is an essential component of modern jewelry and jewelry making.
Only part of the production is available for investment, assures Martin Koroshik.

The price of silver follows the price of gold and is more volatile. Which means it can decline faster and grow faster as well. It has been repeatedly compared, especially in crises, that the price of silver has literally exploded. However, buying silver in Slovenia can be quite expensive, which is something that most people are not aware of.

The general opinion is that silver is much more than gold. Seven times more silver than gold is actually mined annually. But this is just the beginning of a very interesting story. Most silver is used in industry and jewelry. As for investments, only a small part of production is left. In the past, most money in circulation was made of silver. The name of the coin also comes from the Roman coin denarius, which was silver. The Romans were also well aware of silver’s antibacterial power and used it to purify water (as in modern filters today) and medicine.

Today, modern technological production desperately uses silver. This is in huge quantities. Silver has exceptional physical properties. Of all the elements in the world, it conducts electricity the best. Therefore, silver is an essential component in various chips, semiconductors, and circuits. Everything that is electronic and needs the fastest flow of electricity needs silver. From cell phones, computers, electric cars and beyond. As many as 1,300 patents and approximately 42,000 products contain silver.

The whole world is turning to green energy. Solar cells are among the most environmentally friendly energies. However, solar cells desperately need silver for their effectiveness. Think of all these homes that have solar cells on their roofs. The trend is also spreading to apartment complexes, hospitals and shopping malls. Millions of square meters of solar cells would be needed. Thus, there is a huge demand for silver. One of the technologies of the future is also RFID chips, which also need silver to power it. In the future, we will find these chips on almost every product in stores. That means billions and billions of these chips in which silver is embedded.

Silver is the second most widely used metal in the world. So it is not only a precious metal for investment, but also an economical metal. Therefore, the supply of gold remains stable. However, the supply of silver is always smaller because it is constantly consumed and cannot be recycled in a cost-effective manner using current technology.

Thus, the available silver is less than gold. All silver remaining after consumption in industry and jewelry making can be put into a cube with an edge of 7.4 metres. This cube can be placed in a slightly larger living room. This is it.

However, the silver deficiency is getting worse. Silver mines are very rare. Silver is usually obtained as a by-product in the mining of other metals, such as lead. Therefore, the production of silver cannot rise, because it is rarely found in nature in pure form. However, new mines will find it very difficult to obtain a permit to operate due to environmental protection requirements. Let us recall, for example, the lithium mine in Serbia, which had to be closed because people came together and protected their environment, water and air. In the case of silver, we must rely primarily on existing mines. However, most of these are located in only four countries. Of course, they will use it first for themselves and sell the variations.

An even greater shortage of silver can be seen in the USGS report, which estimates silver reserves in mines known with current technology in just 15-20 years. What will happen then to the industry that urgently needs silver and the price of silver? We can’t find out. However, it is very likely that the price will go up.

The price of silver is subject to physical constraints and the great needs of the industry.

This is different from gold. Silver or gold? Which one can offer more opportunities?

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The price of gold and silver is manipulated

Because of the current financial system, which for the first time in history is 100% based on 0, that is, paper money without a cap, the price of gold and silver is the target of great manipulation. Without it, the price of gold and silver would already be much higher. How does this manipulation happen? Example: In 2013, the largest metal exchange, Comex, received an order to sell $6 billion. At the price at the time, that meant 300 tons of gold. With the supply of gold in the market increasing by a significant amount in half an hour, the price of gold fell by -15%. However, beware! No gram of gold has been traded. There was no such gold in physical form in the vaults of the bank. All liabilities of futures contracts are settled in paper dollars. The maneuver was intended to lower the price only temporarily. The gold market is thus (artificially) worth $13 trillion a year. However, in most cases, it is only paperwork. The story is similar for silver, where long-term production of the mines is leased out in advance. Thus comes the sale of silver for paper, which does not exist in the first place.

However, fiat currencies lose their purchasing power. So for ordinary commodities, and even more so compared to gold and silver. Inflation destroys our savings and rises uncontrollably. The official inflation rate in Slovenia has already reached 5.9%. Forecasts by the end of this year are already 12%. This is just official inflation. Informal estimated to be much higher. Which simply means that from for example 10,000 euros only left to say 8,000 euros or less of purchasing power. And that in one year. The war situation, which is currently getting worse, may speed up the process of reducing money and savings.

Gold and silver are a proven way to ensure the purchasing power of savings and even growth in times of crisis. However, the vast majority of people do not know the best strategic investment in gold and silver. So they buy tiles and coins in stores or online. Thus, they pay the highest price and cannot reap the greatest benefits. One is to increase the amount of physical gold and silver owned without additional inputs.

The price of gold and silver in times of crisis can be a great opportunity. Martin Korošec, author of the bestselling The Art of Wealth for Ordinary People, will introduce you to the artisanal knowledge in the webinar.

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