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The Government of the Republic of Slovenia’s Office for Digital Transformation has signed an agreement with NVIDIA on a partnership in the field of artificial intelligence, which will support research in the field of facing challenges and measures to mitigate climate change.

On Friday, February 18, 2022, Minister of Digital Transformation Mark Boris Andrijanich signed a partnership agreement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with senior representatives of NVIDIA at the Institute of Information Sciences in Maribor.

The signing of the partnership agreement today represents another important step towards a digital and modern Slovenia. It is proof that we aim high and think strategically. Today’s event is also something special because it takes place in the premises of the Vega supercomputer, of which the Slovenes are justifiably proud.The minister said after signing the agreement Mark Boris Andrijanich.

Slovenia is globally recognized in the field of Artificial Intelligence and related High Performance Computing. We have a rich tradition of developing artificial intelligence dating back to the 1970s, and we are at the top of Europe when it comes to the number of researchers in this field per capita.

I am pleased that NVIDIA has recognized our exceptional potential and that it will systematically invest in the development of Slovenian knowledge, technical capabilities and human resources in this strategic area within the framework of the partnership. This partnership will primarily accelerate the development of the Vega supercomputer, which will be able to support more advanced research in artificial intelligence and beyond. It will also be important to invest in the UNESCO International Center for Research on Artificial Intelligence, which operates within the Jožef Stefan Institute. Our partnership also includes free UI training programs for Slovenian startups and youth. With this we want to encourage the development of a new generation of leading Slovenian scientists, innovators and entrepreneursMinister Andrijanič presented the partnership and concluded that he was convinced that Slovenia would be able to become one of the most digitally advanced countries in Europe with the help of NVIDIA.

Artificial intelligence will change the lives of every human on Earth in the next decade. By signing a partnership today, Slovenia will be able to join the group of leading countries in defining its future course and bring the greatest benefits to its society. Powered by NVIDIA A100 graphics cards, the Vega supercomputer allows scientists, researchers and students to use the latest technology to advance scientific breakthrough in IZUM premisesHe said at a press conference Rod Evans, Director of Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, NVIDIA. NVIDIA has entered into similar partnerships in Europe with Italy, Luxembourg and Finland.

Slovenia can greatly gain and use all its potential by cooperating with high-tech companies such as NVIDIA. We are all aware of how strategically important the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence is to Europe, as well as to the field of supercomputing in general. So we can be happy that IZUM is part of this story. We want support in the future as well, especially in the area of ​​human resources, as this area has proven to be the biggest challenge in project implementation. There are only a few experts in the field of supercomputing. Therefore, we also welcome all efforts to prepare new formal educational programs in the direction of supercomputing. We see that investments in innovation and research and development activities are of key importance to the Slovenian economy and the European economy as a whole, so that we can look to the future more boldly.concluded by Dr. Alice BochenjakDirector of the IZUM Institute of Information Sciences.

With 21,000 employees worldwide, NVIDIA is the world’s leading provider of the most advanced chips and software in artificial intelligence and related high-performance computing.

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