Hackers stop Toyota…

Cybersecurity has become a priority for companies of all sizes, as they recognize that digital threats and attackers represent a new business reality, which must also be defined in terms of business risk. Hacking, hacking, theft, and data misuse can happen to any business. This is how the Japanese automaker Toyota felt recently, as it was an indirect victim of a hacker attack.

Hackers have disrupted one of the main suppliers of factories that assemble cars under the Toyota, Hino and Daihatsu brands. This was Kojima Industries, which manufactures plastic parts for Toyota cars. As a result of the hacker attack on the mentioned company, production of up to 14 plants of the largest car manufacturer in the world was stopped, and this caused serious damage.

Toyota uses the principle of plugging in components when you really need them, which means they don’t store them. So it is not surprising that due to the hacker attack in March of this year, production will decrease by at least five percent. In practical terms, this means Toyota will produce up to 13,000 fewer cars than originally planned.

Kojima Industries has been attacked with extortionate malicious code. Unprepared people encrypted all his data and demanded a ransom from the company. Although Kojima Industries was able to contain the attack relatively quickly, it caused significant financial damage.

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