Intel with Arrow Lake-P processors more than …

Recently, Intel revealed very interesting plans in the field of processors. Of all the core processors, Arrow Lake is the most interesting. It will be available during 2024 and will succeed Meteor Lake processors. The newcomers will bring a good number of novelties that will impress.

The Intel Arrow Lake-P processors will be built using the Intel 20A manufacturing process. This is expected to provide up to 15 percent higher efficiency per watt of power than its predecessor. The most interesting thing will be the graphics core, which will be created by TSMC using N3 technology.

According to online rumors, Arrow Lake-P processors will have up to 6 P-core cores and up to eight E-core cores. The integrated graphics core will have up to 320 available processing units. These processors are expected to be even compatible with Apple’s new processors, which will be designed for 14-inch MacBook laptops. These will also be introduced during 2024.

Intel Arrow Lake-P processor prototypes are expected to be ready for internal testing by the end of this year. The final product can be expected in the late summer of 2023. The first computers equipped with it will go on sale in early 2024, as mentioned earlier.

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