Xiaomi Mi 7 band – more and more complete …

A year ago, Xiaomi presented an interesting smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 6, which, as expected, meets all customer expectations. With a very small budget, they somehow put together a color AMOLED display, which is larger than its predecessor and provides a high-quality display of functionality. These types of screens are usually seen on more expensive mobile phones, which makes Xiaomi’s success all the more exciting. However, under the screen there are a series of advanced features.

We can expect more from the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 smart bracelet. This will be equipped with an AMOLED screen with a better resolution. This is supposed to be as much as 192 x 490 pixels. The screen will also display the Always On option, so that the user can read the time and other important information on the screen at any time. It will be possible to choose from up to 166 different sports activities – from dancing to motocross.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 smart bracelet will also be equipped with a smarter alarm device. This will wake us up when the watch detects that the right moment has come. Of course, there is also support for GPS navigation and various options to save battery power. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 smart bracelet is expected to go on sale before the summer.

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