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To detect extortion viruses, they will open processor cores and study already remote operations at the silicon level.

Extortion viruses pose a major threat to society and the economy due to their rapid development and increasing complexity. Therefore, European cybersecurity developer ESET has begun integrating Intel Threat Detection Technology for hardware virus detection into its suite of multi-tiered cybersecurity solutions. Thus, ESET will enhance software-based detection technologies with telemetry-based extortion detection and machine learning that only Intel can provide on its processors.

“The integration of Intel’s hardware discovery technologies means, in effect, an immediate improvement in protection against ransomware viruses. “Remote scanning at the processor level is an effective step in improving traceability of malicious data encryption,” said Előd Kironský, Director of Endpoint Protection and Security Technologies at ESET. by blackmail viruses.” He added that hardware-level security is the next milestone in the fight against cyberthreats, which for ESET essentially means detecting a blackmail virus as soon as it appears, even before it tries to hide in memory.

Unique: Stronger protection with efficient system operation

Due to the devastating consequences of previous attacks using extortion viruses and the increasing complexity of maintaining endpoint protection, such cyber threats have become the biggest concern in the industry. Improved detection of ransomware in ESET endpoint Protection solutions will improve immunity to most detection system abuses. Continuous development and advances in machine learning under the Intel TDT will enable ESET solutions to instantly detect various derivatives of ransomware. In addition to the use of machine learning models in detecting ransom viruses, there is an additional advantage of transferring the processing of detection operations to the Intel graphics console, which maintains high system performance for other process requirements.

“Small impact on system performance is one area that ESET has always paid special attention to in multi-level software engineering. This is one of the major sales benefits for many users. The use of technologies that, on the one hand, improve prevention and protection, and on the other hand, maintain On performance, it is a successful combination.

Protection for Windows PCs with Intel Cores 9th Gen and above

The benefits of integrating Intel TDT technologies and ESET endpoint protection solutions will be available later this year, in the upcoming release of ESET products. With the first release of Security Solutions with Intel TDT, ESET will support PCs with Intel 9th ​​Generation processors and newer PCs with Intel Core and Intel vPro technologies running the Windows operating system.

Blackmail viruses harm both small businesses and large companies, so their impact can have negative consequences for the entire global economy. We are excited to work with ESET, which has a truly global application. ESET Enhancement will run on both the Intel vPro Enterprise operations platform for large enterprises and Intel vPro Essentials for small and medium businesses. “Connectivity brings a compelling package of hardware and software that delivers a customized level of security for businesses of all sizes,” said Carla Rodriguez, Senior Director of Partnership Systems at Intel. According to her, ESET software solutions on computers with Intel processors will make cybersecurity more effective, which is a huge step forward in stopping extortion viruses.

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