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Mastering documents and data is nothing but an easy task. Therefore, it is important that you take it seriously and simply enjoy better results. See how to do it better.

You constantly create documents, spreadsheets, emails, presentations, and other documents in the company. You also receive a lot of it – in paper and electronic form. As more people and companies around the world work together, even remotely, sharing accurate information is more important than ever. Most of your work content is stored in emails, unstructured files, or network/local hard drives. Don’t forget the lockers with paper document folders. The larger the volume of content, the more resources you need to take into account when managing it.

M files organize content by content type and location

In the past, companies entrusted document management to document management. But the growing number of information sources, also hidden on social networks and cloud services, requires a more comprehensive approach. This is where Intelligent Information Management (IIM) solutions come in. Among them is M-Files – an intelligent business information management platform from Konica Minolta.

M files organize content by content type and location. You can also connect to existing network folders and systems and make them smarter with built-in AI algorithms, as M-Files automatically classify and protect information. Intelligent information management starts with document capture and central storage and access. This significantly reduces the time and money you previously spent preparing and managing both paper and electronic documents.

“Smart document and business information management is the cornerstone of digital business transformation. The M-Files platform can do more than just reduce the amount of paper in your company and simplify the archiving process. An intelligent information management solution also improves your business decisions. With its help, a company can prepare System analytics and performance reports easily, allowing for greater control and decision-making power.“You can use this key information to improve business outcomes and customer experience,” says Boštjan Kavčnik, CEO of Konica Minolta Slovenia and ambassador for digital transformation.

6 stebrov uspeha
Za inteligentno upravljanje informacij je ključno:
1. Izboljšanje poslovnih procesov
2. Upravljanje poslovnih vsebin
3. Upravljanje primerov/zadev strank
4. Inteligentna avtomatizacija
5. Robotska avtomatizacija procesov
6. Digitalizacija dokumentov

Maximum efficiency

The Konica Minolta team helps many companies overcome their toughest business content challenges. “By using the M-Files platform, everyone in your company will be able to easily access the information needed to complete projects, perform work tasks more efficiently, and make decisions,” Kavčnik summarizes.

IIM provides advanced search and digital entry features that simplify the process of storing and retrieving documents. By centralizing content management, you gain more valuable time and add value to your business.

M-Files med vizionarji
M-Files je že dve leti zapored v Gartnerjevem kvadrantu ocenjen kot največji vizionar. Platforma M-Files je na voljo za lokalno namestitev ali kot storitev iz oblaka. Podobno ugotavlja tudi analitsko podjetje Forrester Research, ki je M-Files označilo za eno najboljših platform za upravljanje informacij in poudarilo, da se poleg tega osredotoča tudi na avtomatizacijo administrativnih procesov in poslovanja. Ponuja namreč široko paleto storitev za upravljanje z vsebino, vključno z povezovanjem in inteligentno obdelavo vsebine.

Study for example

“Over the past two years, we have invested in RCM heavily in digitizing our business and searching for the best IT solutions for our company. We have successfully applied for public tenders for e-business and created our own environment enabling electronic data interchange, and introduced a new document system M-FILES A solution for electronic archiving of documents provided by Konica Minolta Slovenia. It also took care of integration with existing systems and applications that support the work of all major departments of the company, eg accounting, customs, sales, administration, etc. I will long remember the enthusiasm for the transition to e-commerce.”
Dejan Sušnik, General Manager

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