The all new Samsung Galaxy S22 before…

Samsung recently revealed the highly anticipated Galaxy S22 family of smartphones as part of a special online event from Galaxy Unpacked. As part of the event, Samsung introduced three new models, namely Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The design itself is very similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S21, as the bezels around the screen are almost invisible.

Since accidents involving smartphone use are common, the new Galaxy S22 family of smartphones has been scrutinized by iFixit enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the new Galaxy S22 did not perform well in terms of repair. That is, it scored only 3 points out of a total of 10 at the expense of repairability.

Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphones are rated poorly in terms of repairability because both the battery and screen are required to be replaced. In addition, Samsung uses a very strong adhesive, which makes removing the back cover and screen more difficult, as it requires a lot of heat and effort. In addition, there is no official recommendation available for free download.

You can see the achievement of iFixit web portal fans in the video below or at the web link

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