Will Twitter offer more podcasts?

It is not clear at this time when, if any, Twitter will include podcasts in its platform, but it is clear that it is seriously considering this option.

Podcasts seem to be the current field that everyone wants. And it looks like Twitter can tackle it, too.

Engineer Jin Munchun Wong He unveiled a new “Podcats” app on Twitter, which appears to be just the basis for something more interesting. With Apple already a major provider of podcasts and Spotify investing a huge amount of money to catch up, Twitter could be the next person in the game.

It is currently unknown what exactly Twitter is planning in this area. While Twitter can undoubtedly host podcasts in a similar way to Spotify, it can instead allow users to publish their existing podcasts through a new directory — something similar to what Apple already does. Twitter hasn’t announced anything officially yet, but it certainly looks like it’s preparing for something.

It will be interesting to see how the new approach will be adopted by old Twitter users. The feature will of course only be available via the official Twitter app, and while the social network initially operated as a collection of SMS on a schedule, it has already expanded beyond those initial frontiers. Twitter Spaces is one great example of this and there could be a link between Spaces and a future broadcasting initiative.

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