Argeta with its range of NFTs ….

new era Argit in the digital space

Although Argeta is a brand with a tradition, it also finds itself in the rapidly changing world of modern technologies.

The clue will be on March 9th, when Argeta takes its famous potion of pate into the digital world of epic proportions. By positioning its brand in the new Web3.0 technology space, Argeta will join a handful of global brands such as Facebook (Meta), Adidas, NBA, Pepsi Co.

“Even the competition will want to get one of the Argetty’s.«

“Argeta is ready for the new era and wants to follow its fans, no matter where they live their lives – in the digital or physical world,” Comment on the result of NFT collection Enzo Smrekar, Atlantic Grupa Vice President of Delicatessen, Donat and Globalization.

Doubts about new technologies are to be expected, but they are not worried: “We think the competition will still want to get one of Argetty’s,” she said comically ziva dew, Head of Digital Strategy in the Atlantic Group’s Strategic Delicatessen Business District.

The Argeta set of NFT consists of 21 indispensable tokens under the common name Argettyji. The Argeta NFTs collector’s series has been inspired by the brand’s characteristics as well as new times in the unexplored spaces of the future.

At this point, the identity of Argetty, Argetty Digital, was revealed to Argeta. Argetty’s entire group will appear on March 9 on Argeta’s Instagram profile (@argeta_official) at 9 PM.

Everyone will be able to compete for NFTs for free

“We want to make sure that everyone can seize this opportunity to compete for a new global experience and become a proud owner of NFT,” I explained at the end Petra Adež, Marketing Director of the Strategic Business District for Delicatessen spreads at Atlantic Group.

Who wants to be an owner argythy?

NFT’s Argeta collection will be available to all Argeta fans on March 9th from 9pm on @argeta_official Instagram account.

There will be 21 unique Argettyes available, and nearly every social media user can apply for ownership. All Argeta fans will have to do is convince the Argentine community by commenting below the post on social media that they deserve to become the owner of the Argentine NFT.

All future owners of Argentine NFTs will get a piece of the brand identity, and as owners they will have another surprise in the future.

NFTs are indispensable units of data stored in a chain of blocks that can allow users to own a digital property over a network. blockchain. Users can store digital assets such as music, artifacts, graphics, and various art forms in NFT.

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