Computer repair at school directly

Some schools already offer self-repair services, while others offer Chromebook repair as an optional subject.

Google has released an internal Chromebook repair program for US schools. With nearly 50 million students and teachers relying on Chromebooks to complete homework, attend, and communicate with students, Google wants to make it easier to find information about device repair options.

Teachers in the US can visit the Chromebook Self-Repair site, where they can download user manuals from Acer and Lenovo, find tools, get parts, access training, and receive system updates.

“Repair programs allow students to help their school repair Chromebooks safely and quickly, while teaching them valuable skills that can help them pursue a career in IT,” says James Vick, Vice President of Customer Service for Acer Pan America. Information Technology.

Some institutes have even offered their own services (such as “Chromestop” and “Chrome Depot”), while others have even gone so far as to offer Chromebook repair as an optional subject. “School software like this isn’t just environmentally friendly,” John Solomon, Vice President of Chrome OS, wrote in an online post, adding that it “can dramatically reduce repair time, save costs, and help students learn valuable skills.”

This is just the first step from Google, which has also introduced a new batch of more secure and sustainable Chromebooks, as well as updated apps and resources, and improvements to Chrome OS. It will be interesting to see if another manufacturer has decided to take a similar step, and when something similar will be available in Europe.

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