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All over the world, rather unusual houses have appeared in the past few years, created entirely with the help of 3D technology.

Each innovation and new technological progress is initially accompanied by a high entry price, which gradually decreases with further development and competition. Thus, the technology eventually leaps out of the hands of petitioners and early testers into the hands of ordinary end users. Among the most interesting inventions in recent years are 3D printers used in construction. The decrease in the price of 3D printing of homes and other buildings is mainly due to new and innovative building materials, which are specially developed for the construction of 3D printed homes.

With the development of 3D technology, many new companies dealing with 3D printed buildings have also appeared. Prices for 3D printed homes vary greatly and mainly depend on the complexity of the project, location, and the like. Since it is very difficult to set an exact price, we prefer to focus on some successfully executed 3D projects that will demonstrate a large price range at the same time.

SQ4D 3D Printed House

Photo: SQ4D

SQ4D is an American company that develops building systems for 3D printing. With the help of Proprietary Automated Autonomous Construction System (ARCS), they have reduced the cost of constructing 3D buildings thus providing affordable housing.

Recently, the first 3D-printed house in the United States appeared on the real estate market. The entire wall structure or frame of the house is 3D printed with special concrete. They printed a house with a living area of ​​140 square meters and a garage of 70 square meters, which is enough for two and a half cars.

The property was surprisingly priced at $299,999, which was comparable to other new buildings at the time and in the area. The project is a success story of 3D printed homes, and in general a very interesting project.

company: SQ4D price: $299,999
Location: Riverhead, New York construction end: Beginning of 2021

great buildings

Photo: Great Buildings

Mighty Buildings has turned its attention to sustainable housing, which is built using modern technologies such as 3D printing, robotics and automation. Real estate is a huge problem all over the world, and in Slovenia we can also see the effect of the shortage of houses and apartments on the rise in property prices.

Mighty Buildings wants to help alleviate the housing crisis by building affordable prefab homes. They have developed their own large 3D printing systems and reinforced building materials that harden quickly during extrusion. Since the houses are prefabricated, all the printed elements are also mechanized, which also includes the external insulation. The company currently offers many different prefab units that can function as condominiums or family homes ranging in size from 80 to 130 square meters.

In addition to the prefab homes, the company has begun work on a project in Rancho Mirage that includes 15 sustainable, 3D-printed homes at an affordable price. The construction method and the quality of the built homes are a good prediction for the future of 3D construction, although it is not quite ready to replace the classic homes.

price: From $190,000 onwards Location: Subject to permits

Residence East 17y St

Photo: East 17 . Street

East 17th Street is a new 3-branch project, which has merged with Icon, a well-known name in the field of 3D printed homes, which they manufacture with state-of-the-art concrete 3D printing systems. Using this technology, four relatively large (sold out) homes were built in Austin, Texas. The entire floors of the houses are built using 3D technology, while the upper floors are built using traditional methods and materials. It took five to seven days to print the ground floor or concrete elements.

Each home is unique in looks and square feet. Smaller homes are available with an area of ​​90 square meters, and the largest are up to 180 square meters. The combination of concrete and wood creates a modern look and provides a solid structure. Prices start at $450,000, depending of course on the size of the home. At first glance, the price is quite high, but it is comparable to similar houses in the area, but these four houses stand out due to the unique construction method.

Location: Austin, Texas price: $450,000 or more

Milestone Project

The Milestone project will consist of five 3D-printed houses located in the town of Bosrijk in the Netherlands. The city is centered around sustainability and renewal, making it an ideal location for this type of project. They are so committed to sustainable living that the city is not even connected to the natural gas grid. Each of the five houses will be different. The first house that was actually built is simple in shape and is also the smallest house ever planned. The 3D house is available for rent for 800 euros per month through the local real estate agency Vesteda. The first tenants, who are also the first European residents of the 3D house, took over the keys in April of last year.

The walls were completely 3D printed using recycled concrete and later assembled on site. They used up to 24 different components to build the concrete surfaces. The living room is 93 square meters and consists of a kitchen and dining room with an open floor, on the other side of the house there is a double bedroom and a bathroom. Detailed information on construction costs is not yet available.

Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands price: 800 euros (rent)

Homes in Austin and Tabasco

Photo: Icon

We have already mentioned Icon. It specializes in low cost building solutions achieved with the Vulcan II printer. The Chicon House project or home was realized in 2018 in Austin. Construction costs are expected to be around $4,000, and the house was 3D-printed within 24 hours. Chicon House’s success was followed by collaborations with non-profit organizations with which they wanted to provide homes for those in need. One settlement was established in Tabasco, Mexico, and another was established in Austin last year.

price: 4000 dollars Location: Austin, Texas; Tabasco, Mexico

As mentioned at the beginning, it is difficult to determine the exact cost of building a three-dimensional building, since it is necessary to take into account a few variables: location, size, complexity, method of construction, materials and the like. From the examples presented, it becomes clear that the price range is huge, ranging from a few thousand dollars to half a million and more. In the future, it is expected that more companies will join 3D construction, which, in combination with the development of new technologies and the improvement of existing ones, will mean lower prices, better quality and more options. Are 3D houses the solution to the housing crisis? Time will tell.

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