March 8, Women’s Day at Optiprint

Women’s Day is an international women’s holiday. It was originally called Working Women’s Day. This holiday is celebrated on March 8 in about a hundred countries. This day draws attention to issues such as gender equality and social status, reproductive rights and violence and abuse against women.

Women’s Day is an important day for Optiprint. This is mainly due to the emphasis on the importance of women in services where male employees predominate. Optiprint employs up to 30% of women, who work only in administrative and organizational departments. Optiprint employees do the technical work, some provide information consulting, and some work in production operations. Read the article about Optiprint employees here: On Women’s Day, Optiprint wishes a beautiful and loving day and offers a special gift to all womenOne month free printing, scanning and copying + wrapping paper more here.

Finally, Audrey Hepburn thought: “The beauty of a woman is not reflected in her face, but in her soul. Her passion is loving care. And the beauty of a woman grows with age.”

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