StadioPlus enters into an agreement with Decentraland

The NFTs platform, led by ex-Louis Scola and John Vatelevich, will manage a significant portion of the NFTs and sports content located in Vegas City, Decentraland’s largest commercial, sports and entertainment district, the most important area in the world.

With this agreement, StadioPlus, one of the most relevant platforms worldwide for sports NFTs, is at the forefront of the NFT sector in the metaverse.

Thanks to the addition of Stadioplus to the metaverse, it will be possible to view and purchase all types of NFT sports in Vegas City and its users will be able to enjoy sports-themed content and events and a museum around the NFT world. This area of ​​the metaverse is where many sporting events take place within Decentraland, such as the Australian Open, the first official major tournament for tennis in Metaverse. Through virtual recreations of Melbourne Park’s prime areas, it included content exclusively for virtual visitors, such as unreleased images from over 300 cameras of locker rooms and private areas.

A key point of this association is the clarity of the leap it represents, in terms of usability and usefulness, for the world of NFT. “We are very pleased that StadioPlus will have a permanent presence in the most important metaverse in the world and we will continue to increase and give real benefit and ease of use to NFTs, as most of their benefits will be reflected in the metaverses, either through 3D digital sports products, such as T-shirts, boots, hats and avatars , ticket sales, and access to collectible events or art products,” Vatelevich emphasized. “In addition, this increase in the value and use of NFTs is clearly fueling the value of our STADIO cryptocurrency that will be launched in the second quarter of this year and is currently in pre-sale phase and is in high demand. Being part of the StadioPlus community will allow you preferential access to Private spaces within the Vegas City Sports District, Decentraland Sports District.

James Ashton, CEO of Vegas City DCL, confirmed, “Vegas City is pleased to welcome our new partner StadioPlus to our Sports District and work together to bring sports-related activities to our neighborhood.

About StadioPlus:
StadioPlus is the most important sports platform for NFTs in Spain and Latin America and one of the most important on the European continent. Known, among other things, for being the pioneers and the link between the world of sports and Blockchain technology, in the sector of NFTs and Metaverse.

Its alliances with athletes from the world of NBA, Serie A, ATP, or with top-tier teams from the major leagues around the world, make it one of the technology solutions with the greatest potential in this world.


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