We’ll take flying taxis…

For anyone who spends a lot of time each day commuting to work, the idea of ​​doing it in minutes is invaluable. Can you imagine? No traffic jams, no train delays, no more cold at bus stops – just what could be better? All this is promised by about 100 companies engaged in the development of electric transport “Vertical Take-off and Landing” (eVTOL).

It looks like we’ll soon be able to get into flying taxis, and the credit will go to Volocopter. They announced that commercial flights with VoloCity flying taxis will be better during the 2024 Olympic Games. They will also contribute to this additional capital of 156 million euros received by the company from investors.

The Volocopter VoloCity flying taxi or helicopter is already equipped with up to 18 electric motors, providing it with excellent air control. While until recently the new product could only be operated with a remote control, now it is also ready for a human crew. It receives power for flight from lithium-ion batteries, and has a maximum flight speed of about 110 kilometers per hour. The current range of an innovative car on a single battery charge is currently about 35 kilometers.

The current model of the Volocopter VoloCity flying taxi has space for only two passengers and their hand luggage, and has a carrying capacity of about 200 kilograms. The flying ship weighs 700 kg, has a height of 2.5 meters, and a ground diameter of at least 11.3 meters. Interestingly, an empty battery can be replaced with a fully charged one, and the whole process takes only five minutes.

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