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Google Chrome currently dominates the personal web browser market. Currently, up to 69.28 percent of users around the world swear by it. Its popularity can be found mainly in innovation. Google developers are adding new betting options. So it’s no surprise that 100 more versions of Chrome will be available soon.

The Google Chrome 100 web browser is currently in beta. The fact that this will be a special version of the popular browser is shown by the fact that after eight years Google will change its code a little. In addition, the novelty will bring quite a number of interesting innovations that will delight many.

The interesting web browser Google Chrome will not offer the simple mode, which means that Google will no longer process the data on its servers in order to save on data transmission. In addition to that, it will also bring up the option to display the confirmation window before closing a particular tab. Of course, the possibility of quickly silencing the site by clicking on the icon in the tab should not be overlooked and better support for working on multiple screens. The latest version of Google Chrome 100 will be available for download soon.

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