Android 12L absolute is only available…

Google officially revealed the Android 12L operating system to the public last October. The novelty is set up for devices with larger screens, such as tablets. Although the final version of Android 12L will be ready earlier this year, unfortunately that won’t happen. Google has announced that the novelty will not be available until the end of the year.

The latest release of Android 12L mobile operating system will initially be aimed at larger mobile devices from Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft. The new system will target portable devices such as tablets, foldable screens, in-car multimedia devices and the like. More information will of course be available when the new system is ready for end users.

The Android 12L mobile operating system features a modified graphic interface for notifications, quick settings and lock screen, as well as a web search interface. In addition, there is a new button for taking screenshots and other menus in a 3-to-2 format. In short, the new graphic interface is better suited to devices with large touch screens than its predecessor.

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