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Mobile data transmission speed is critical for mobile users. Above all, it is important that they have enough of them, because this is the only way they can surf the web without any worries.

It is important for mobile users to have as few restrictions as possible while working or using mobile data. This way, they can use their smartphone anytime and anywhere, without having to worry about being surprised by the amount on their bill.


For many years Telemach has been making sure that its users are satisfied, which is why they are constantly upgrading their packages due to their growing needs. In mid-February this year, the popular “More” mobile packages were upgraded again. What has changed? The amount of data in the MORE package has been increased from the current 5 GB to 10 GB. The data transfer in the EVEN MORE bundle is now unlimited, but of course the MAXIMUM bundle remains unlimited as well.

Upgrade mobile packages for new and existing users

Looking back at 2019, Telemach made a real revolution when it introduced unlimited data transfer in the MAXIMUM package, but now the company has set another milestone and delighted users with a new, more unlimited package.

The MORE family mobile phone packages are also among Telemach’s bestselling mobile phone packages and are upgraded regularly. Best of all, it’s not just new users who get better, as is often the case with similar offerings – in line with Telemach’s strategy to provide the best user experience, new and existing users alike are getting better.

Maximum speeds can be achieved with the appropriate equipment and are dependent on load and network coverage. The data transfer speed of the packet is further limited to 350 Mbps, and the maximum speed to 1 Gbps. Unlimited data transfer The offer is subject to the terms of the offer Family discounts on packages More. Offer is for subscribers of VE group packages with the same permanent residence address, with a maximum of 4 members. The offer is excluded from other possible discounts or promotions, which include a discount on the monthly subscription. More at or 070700700.

Prices have not changed

The difference between MORE and MAXIMUM packages is now only the highest data transfer rate. In the EVEN MORE package, speed is limited to 350 Mbps (Mbps), while MAXIMUM packages provide a true 5G experience at speeds of up to 1 Gbps (Gigabits per second). Compared to MORE package, MOST package also includes TIDAL music app. It cannot be ignored that, despite the great offer to users, the prices for the packages have not changed.

They want to be number one in the future too

The company, which is the leading provider of fixed broadband internet, pay TV and the fastest growing mobile operator in Slovenia, is proud of its next-generation fixed GIGA network, which covers more than 390,000 homes and provides full Internet access at speeds of up to 1 Gbps. , focusing on DOCSIS 3.1 and XGSPON technology, which will allow users to speed up to 10 Gbps.

Updates can also be expected in the future, as Telemach will continue to invest in all sectors. With its mobile network, in which it is expected to invest more than 100 million euros in the coming years, it wants to cover the whole of Slovenia as soon as possible, while continuing to invest in the fixed network.

Fastest network

However, Telemach can boast of another achievement. Based on user measurements using the Ookla Speedtest┬« app, Telemach’s 5G and fixed network are officially confirmed to be the fastest in the country. That’s why they received the Speedtest Awards from Ookla. The awards are for telecom operators that provide exceptional Internet connectivity and market coverage capabilities. Speedtest prides itself on an independent and rigorous method that is the global gold standard for the telecom industry.

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