5 ideas on how to have a smart home

Smart homes are very different. From those with just a few smart devices to smart homes that have a collection of automated devices connected to the internet and communicating with each other.

A smart home is not just a home that makes many tasks easier for you. It is a home that thinks for you and works for you. How much you want to make your home smart is up to you. Do you even need a property for a smart home? Depending on the devices you are installing it in.

In this article, we are going to give you 5 ideas on how to create a useful smart home without completely emptying your family budget. Remember to insure your property. Even a smart home is not immune to unexpected events.

smart sockets

Many believe that smart plugs are the entry point for a smart home. We can think of an absent smart socket, but we can buy a smart socket for a little less than 20 euros, a kind of interface, and connect it to a regular socket. You can then connect the interface to your home Wi-Fi network and manage it anywhere, anytime. Not sure if you turned the iron off this morning? Take the phone out of your pocket and unplug it. With smart plugs, you can control any electrically connected device.

smart lights

Why did we put smart lights in the article? Because it can be an obvious and simple addition to the ambiance. For a similar effect, you can also consider smart bulbs over existing lights. You can control the devices with your phone, change the color tones and intensity of the light. When you’re not at home, the light bulbs can be turned on and off, giving outside monitors the feeling that someone is constantly at home, keeping trouble out. More advanced systems learn habits from the user and eventually know when to turn on the lights in the morning, when to turn them off in the evening, when they need to be dimmed and the like, and they do it themselves.

Heating and cooling

One of the most useful smart things is smart heating and cooling systems. For example, you might have an internet-connected air conditioner with your smartphone running. The next stage is smart thermostats that regulate the desired temperature in each individual room. The most advanced systems are related to blinds and cooling (or heating). When the room is very hot in the summer, the system automatically covers the blinds on the windows and automatically turns on the air conditioner if necessary. With a smart home, the possibilities and connections between devices are endless.

smart sensors

It’s never been easier (and cheaper) to outfit your home with an array of sensors that alert you to danger in real time. Alarm sensors detect the alarm, trigger the alarm, and the alarm notifies you or the security service notifies you of the event. Then there are sensors that detect smoke, deadly gases or water leaks. All these sensors can be connected to the Internet and notify you of any events on your smartphone.

Cameras and smart locks

Cameras and locking systems should also be indicated. We can even spend a fortune on the best, but there are also devices for which we discount a few dozen or about 100 euros. Among them are smart cameras that we connect to the home network and check if everything is OK at any time. At the entrance we equip the house with a smart lock. Using it, on the one hand, we protect ourselves, and on the other hand, we can open the door from the other end of the world to our mother-in-law, who came to water the flowers during our vacation. However, let’s not forget about home insurance. The adage that “disaster never lasts” is more realistic, and many smart devices do not compensate us for the costs we may incur. Did you know that home insurance with Zavarovalnica Triglav allows you to fully adapt it to your needs, choose the coverage you need and increase it if necessary? And another big plus: Insurance can also be obtained online. For more information, visit triglav.si

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