How does a computer…

Press, press, press … This is the sound that accompanies every touch of a key on the keyboard. Have you ever wondered what the keyboard looks like inside and how the touch changes to the desired letter or word?

When we look at the variety of modern keyboards, it’s hard to imagine that they actually originated from mechanical typewriters that didn’t even use electricity. Various models are available today: flat, rectangular, ergonomic, with RGB lighting, foldable and mini keyboards. Computer keyboards are, of course, much faster than their predecessors. In speed, they are only overcome by voice recognition or dictation programs.

But no matter what the keyboard is, almost everyone works in a similar way or with similar technology. The current keyboard layout (QWERTY) is based on the old typewriter layout and is not designed to speed up typing, but to slow down the typewriter even less. A computer keyboard is a device that operates according to the instructions given by the user. It contains circuits, switches and processors that help transmit messages to a computer at the touch of a button. Let’s take a closer look at how the keyboard works.

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