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The banking industry faces a number of challenges as more and more consumers are managing their personal finances using smartphones and other electronic devices. Fintech companies and companies that operate exclusively digitally are also appearing in increasing numbers, and financial technology is becoming more and more advanced. Innovation is essential to the future of banking.

For this purpose, Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB) organized the second Hackathon this year, this time on the topic of open funding. The red thread of the 20 day hackathon was to find/design digital solutions that would enhance an open financial system and make it easier for end users to manage their finances. The digital event was used by 52 participants (ethical hackers, programmers, innovators…) from different countries in Southeast Europe, Switzerland and Kenya also as a platform to showcase their ideas. The primary objective of the hackathon was to attract young talents and students and encourage them to present their skills and ideas, and for the first time they also offered the opportunity to participate in companies – FinTech and Digital Startups.

In addition to developing their ideas, the participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences with the best experts in their field, participating in several professional meetings and two round tables:

  • Open Finance – What is the Digital Future of Banking and Finance: Experts discussed the situation in banking and financial services, how access to alternative data is changing the user experience and how to create an exceptional app or fintech company.
  • Open Finance Risks and Opportunities: The main topics were technology challenges, operational standards, security of software interfaces (APIs), open finance and vulnerabilities, and client and bank security dilemmas.

NLB’s invitation was accepted by many of the experts who make up the European and global picture of banking today: Simon Steinmann (MbillS, Emoney and Payment Services), Matek Bitnik (Toshl Finance), Petr Dvorak (CEO of Wultra), Thomas Sinek (Adastra Group) and Pierre-Alexandre Boulay (Backbase Ltd) and NLB experts Jiri Truhlar, Nebojša Varoščić and Vito Gosar.

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