Fans of the game are increasingly swearing …

Valve Corporation has published interesting information about users of its services, who swear by the very popular Steam gaming cloud platform. The data showed that as many as 16.18 percent of Microsoft Windows 11 operating system users swear by cloud computer games, compared to the previous month, the share of users of this system increased by 2.08 percent. This actually indicates that Microsoft’s latest operating system is great at playing cloud computing games.

As the number of Windows 11 users grows, the percentage of Windows 10 users is decreasing accordingly, and about 78.6 percent of users swear by it. Compared to January of this year, the number of users decreased by 2.38 percent. Unexpectedly, the number of Windows 7 users increased by 0.37 percent. About 4.24 percent of Steam users still swear by the discontinued Windows 7.

The data on the devices used is also interesting. 69.06 percent of users swear by Intel processors and 30.92% with AMD processors. Nvidia dominates the graphics card industry, gaining 0.74 percent of users compared to January. 76.14 percent of users are currently envious of it. The most widely used graphics card is the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. It still delivers satisfactory performance for little money.

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