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Google Street View cars will visit many Slovenian cities again on March 14, 2022. In addition to the main Slovenian cities (Ljubljana, Maribor and Ukraine), Google Street View cars will also visit smaller cities (including Kranjska Gora, Kočevje, Ptuj, Velenje, Črnomelj, Trbovlje and others). The main purpose of revisiting is to update images of cities, roads, and highways within Google Street View, a common feature of Google Maps.

Thanks to Google Street View, users can visit many Slovenian cities, castles and palaces, as well as natural attractions. Street View, which has been available in Slovenia for 15 years, is updated regularly, as Google has found that infrastructure is constantly evolving, cities are growing, and streets are changing.

Google respects privacy protections. Before each posting of aggregated Street View images, processing is carried out using a special technology, which darkens people’s faces and license plates, and thus unrecognizable. Street View footage only includes public properties and private areas for which we have express permission to take pictures. Street View also allows you to remove photos that users can report later by clicking the “Report a problem” button in the bottom right corner of any photo, where they can request that their home, car or themselves be blacked out and flagged inappropriate or sensitive photos for review and removal.

Street View is a popular Google Maps feature and is currently available in more than 200 countries around the world, including parts of the Arctic and Antarctic. It is available on desktop computers and mobile devices, including Google Earth.

Google Street View cars will be on Slovenian roads again March 14, 2022More information about Street View and Google Street View Driving Plan can be found at

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